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Zipbuds Pro Mic


Zipbuds PRO Mic Earbuds strike a great balance between smooth dynamic range (Natural reproduction with strong presence of bottom-end and seamless transition into low-mids and from upper mid-range into the well-defined treble part of the spectrum.

Zipbuds Pro Mic

Zipbuds PRO Mic



Pro Mic has one of a unique in-canal earphone designs we’ve seen. The earpieces themselves are relatively uninteresting, featuring a black and metallic color scheme, a clothbound cable, and a chin-level inline remote control and mic. Just below the single-button remote, which controls calls and playback, the cable turns into a useful black zipper. The zipper is quite useful, since zipping it higher allows the earphones to maintain a more secure fit. Below the cable’s zipper section, another clothbound section terminates in a 3.5mm connection. I like the look, but it won’t be for everyone.



On tracks with substantial sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the Pro Mic delivers a powerful low-frequency response. The drivers don’t distort even at the top, unwise listening levels, which is impressive for earphones this inexpensive. There’s a healthy level of high-mids and highs as well, so things don’t sound too muddy.



Connecting to your device through a 3-ring 3.5mm jack, these earphones offer a handy zipper to keep your cable untangled, an in-line control button which sets out to pause, play, skip, answer and hang up calls and rubber earbuds for comfort and passive noise cancellation.

1.6 ounces in weight and providing you with what they claim as a ZBX high-performance drivers alongside a noise-cancelling microphone, there is unfortunately not any particular driver or microphone statistics readily available for viewing.

Zipbuds PRO Mic

Zipbuds PRO Mic



The original tangle-free earbuds. Zipbuds PRO mic was designed for those of us that use earbuds every day. Forget about dealing with tangled cables. Pull the zipper down to listen to your music and pull it up to store your earbuds away with zero tangles.


PRO mic drivers have been optimized to deliver powerful bass and crystal clear highs. You will enjoy a well-balanced sound signature with a little extra punch. We design all of our drivers to work in harmony with the earbud’s acoustic chamber. By doing this, we’re able to maximize the audio performance of every Zipbuds product.


The Noise-Filtering Microphone eliminates unwanted noise so only you can be heard. One button remote functions make it a breeze to answer your calls and browse through your tunes.


This REALLY glow! A luminescent white during the day becomes a radioactive green by night.

Zipbuds PRO Mic

Zipbuds PRO Mic


Powerful audio performance with boosted, distortion-free bass. Zipper design allows for a more secure fit and tangle-free storage. Affordable.


Heavily boosted bass, not for purists. Highs can often sound too bright. Zipper design not for everyone.


The Zipbuds Pro Mic is a unique, convincing set of earphones with a cable that morphs into a zipper.They sound decent, and they truly are tangle-free. But the zipper design creates other issues, including excess noise from the cord rubbing against your clothing. Some people won’t mind this as much as others, and they’re fine for stationary use.