Vornado Air Purifiers

Vornado Air Purifiers


Vornado air purification product that they have is not the best out there for the price. It’s hard to compare when a company only has one version of a product, and it lacks performance. Many people don’t know much about this air purifier, but I am still wondering when it will be upgraded.

The Vornado AC500 Whole Room Air Purifier uses true HEPA filtration, one of the most effective filters available, to remove up to 99.97% of airborne allergens down to .3 micron. The Vornado Whole Room Air Purifier actively circulates and filters all the air throughout a room. Without circulation, the air cleaner is only cleaning the immediate area around the unit, relying on a general motion to push air through the premises. The AC500 uses two combination HEPA/carbon filters to trap Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Bacteria, Mold Spores, Dust Mites and more. The carbon pre-filters both absorbs odors and traps larger particles. When in ‘auto mode’, advanced dust sensing technology detects the level of dust in a room, fluctuating the cleaning cycle up or down, depending on the air quality.

Vornado Air Purifiers

Vornado Air Purifiers


Below, I will list the specs of the only Vornado air purifier available at this moment in time. I will provide you will positive, and negative information so remembers to think about what your real needs are when it comes to air purification.

Electrostatic Purification

-3 Speed Fan

-Air Filters

Electrostatic Purification


You may have heard of this type of air purifier and put it in line with ionic air purifiers, but that is not entirely correct. This technology charges the dust as it comes in and then immediately catches it on collector plates that usually need to be cleaned every two weeks. This technology does not let the charged particles stick to all the surfaces of your house like ionic air purifiers, and ozone generators are capable of doing. You can learn more at do ionic air purifiers work?

3 Speed Fan


A three-speed fan is just a three-speed fan. You must realize that most claims by these air cleaners even the excellent ones are with the fan at max speed, which gives them the high rate of air changes per hour. Nothing is wrong with this, but many people don’t like the sound of the device when it is this high and will not run it at these rates of speed so you should not expect to reach that amount of air purification.

Air Filter


My biggest concern with Vornado is their air filters. As I stated early, Vornado air purifiers are good for dust and pollen, but bad for everything else (smoke, bacteria, mold, etc. Pretty much anything that is below 1 micron in size. The reason for this is their choice of air filters!

Vornado Air Purifiers

Vornado Air Purifiers

Low Maintenance

This air purifier may have four filters to change but changing them is easy and convenient. Keeping it clean is not a problem since it is coated with a black finish, you will not have to worry that it will stain over the years. All you have to do is wipe it with a clean cloth and you are done. This is what makes this air purifier because you will never have to clean it regularly. It works efficiently in a room with 335 square feet in area or less.

Noise Level

It works quietly if set in low setting but expects a rather loud sound in the high setting. It may not be as noisy as other heavy air purifiers, but you can hear the sound it generates. This may be a problem for those with babies or children or if used during sleeping time. If the noise level disturbs you, you can set it to high setting when you are away so once you get home the air is clean, and you can set it to low.

No Handle

Transferring the Vornado AC500 True HEPA Air Purifier from one place to another can be a struggle because it has no handles or wheels for easier and convenient transport. Though this air purifier is not that heavy, it is possible that it may slip off from your hands while holding or moving it.

No Remote Control

Yes, this air purifier has the latest technology, but it lacks remote control for a more convenient and easier usage. Remote control can be handy if the air purifier is placed somewhere out of your reach.

Vornado Air Purifiers

Vornado Air Purifiers

High Power Consumption

Since the product has no eco mode or is not an energy rated product, you may notice that your energy consumption has increased. Though insignificantly, this is still a factor that needs to be mentioned in this review. Many air purifier users will tell you that this is something true in all kinds of purifiers.


-True HEPA Filtration – HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger

-High output performance – A powerful motor and radial blower allows for whole room air purification

-Four airflow settings – Tailor the amount of airflow to fit your needs

-Advanced dust sensing technology – Monitors air quality and automatically adjusts output to create ideal room filtration

-Optimum Output – Grill outlet is located on the top of the unit for whole room clean air distribution

-Push button electronic controls

-Filter replacement indicator for both HEPA and carbon

-Sleep mode – Light sensor automatically quiets operation in low light conditions

-Quiet Operation – Enjoy minimal process noise, without sacrificing performance

-Sleek and modern styling fits in most room decors

-Minimal Maintenance – Filters are quick and easy to replace

-CADR Rating: 213


Overall, Vornado AC500 True HEPA Air Purifier is a great buy for households that need to eliminate all the airborne contaminants and allergens that threaten the family’s health. It is important that every household is aware of the potential risks of these contaminants and how they can significantly affect the way of living.It has a dusting sensor for a thorough and efficient allergen removal, a filter replacement indicator for a better air purifying and a sleep mode feature perfect for a good night sleep.