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VMODA Crossfade LP



The VMODA Crossfade LP can take one hell of a beating, while still offering rock-solid audio performance too. Though these headphones aren’t new, they hang tough with the best of them at their price point.

VMODA Crossfade LP

VMODA Crossfade LP

VMODA Crossfade LPHigh-Definition Sound


Featuring patent-pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Drivers, the Crossfade LP delivers the sound of multiple drivers with the efficiency of a single smaller driver. The result is deep vibrant bass, juicy mid-range, and crystal clarity on today’s portable devices without the need for any batteries. The driver’s diaphragm is constructed of a harder inner ring providing an extended high range and a softer outer ring for deep lows, resulting in an unprecedented sound. Supple memory foam ear cushions isolate noise and immerse you into your world of music.

VMODA Crossfade LPFashion Forward Design

With the Crossfade LP, music lovers experience a sophisticated headphone with a real fashion-forward look. Created with a unique metal “V” design and available in White Pearl, Phantom Chrome, and Gunmetal Black, the Crossfade LP gives music enthusiasts a sophisticated headphone with a fashion-forward look. For people on the move, the Crossfade LP is equipped with a detachable cable featuring a three-button remote control and high-fidelity microphone to change volume and answer or end phone calls quickly.

Ultimate Ergonomic Comfort


Your headphones are supposed to be comfortable. With the Crossfade LP, you get an incredibly lightweight headphone that you can wear for hours. Using a revolutionary metal “V” design and flexible air-cushion memory foam, the Crossfade LP weighs only 280 grams and offers an ergonomic, comfortable fit. Relentless research went into the precise shape and materials of the headband and ear cushions, resulting in a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears.

VMODA Crossfade LP

VMODA Crossfade LP

Universal Compatibility


Now, your calls and your music are in stereo. Featuring a three-button remote and discrete high-fidelity microphone, the remote/mic cable gives you complete control of your calls and your music. You can adjust the volume, control the playback of your music and video, or record voice memos and answer calls from your iPhone 3GS and more. Plus, you get a long (69-inch) audio cable with a 1/4-inch adapter so you can listen to music from your iPod, iPhone or professional stereo equipment. Want to use the Crossfade LP with your Mac? You can; it’s compatible with the latest Mac products, including the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook or MacBook Pro and can be used for iChat, Skype, VoIP, and other audio recording applications.

Built To Last


V-MODA is passionate about sound and providing you a durable product. Four years of testing the Crossfade LP on tour and in everyday life situations resulted in a tank-like steel frame, flexible memory headband, and detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables to ensure unprecedented durability. That commitment to quality stays with you–each Crossfade LP is backed by an unrivaled one-year premier warranty. If you’re rough on your headphones, don’t worry. V-MODA designed an incredible replacement program just for you. With the exclusive V-MODA Replay Replacement Program, you get a 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee.

What’s In The Box

-Crossfade LP2

-Gunmetal shield kit with extra screws & screwdriver

-Exoskeleton case

-Carbiner clip

-Durable reinforced SpeakEasy™ 1-Button microphone cable

-Durable reinforced extended audio cable

-1/4″ adapter

-Cleaning cloth

-Six-Star service

VMODA Crossfade LP

VMODA Crossfade LP


-50mm dual-diaphragm patented drivers provide deep vibrant bass, organic mid-range, and high-end clarity

-Memory foam ear cushions reduce ambient noise and enable a little bass response

-Lightweight metal construction lets you listen to your favorite music comfortably for hours

-Steel frame, flexible memory headband, and detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables for serious durability

-Includes hard exoskeleton carry case, 69-inch Kevlar-reinforced audio cable, remote/mic cable for compatible devices

The Bottom Line

If you’re in love with rock, hip hop, or pop music, you’ll want these cans for your day-to-day drivers. Not only do they produce a pleasing sound, but they’re going to survive anything you throw at them.

You can’t kill them without much effort. From the cable to the cups, to the band, everything is made out of super durable components, and if you do manage to break something, chances are good you can replace it on the cheap. Additionally, you can also enhance your experience by upgrading your ear pads.