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TTPOD T1E dual dynamic


The TTPOD T1-E’s Audiophile In Ear Monitor earphones and deliver their promise very well. It features dual drivers for better sound.

After a good burn in period across various volume ranges, the sound becomes very apparent. It has solid bass and the second driver improves clarity.

Depending on what tip is used, the sound can vary. The T1-E’s provide spaciously and open sound, and the rest of the music is detailed and lively. It is impressive, the sense of space you get with clear and tangible percussion parts. Music isn’t flat and comes to life with these earbuds.

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic

Build Quality:

Very nice silver wires.Solid and seemingly sturdy 3.5mm connection.IEM housing clear plastic, no complaints on quality.Includes a convenient shirt clip and a piece of velcro wire strap.Somehow they were able to add a bunch of different size fittings.

Sound Quality

Featuring two 6.2 mm unilateral drivers, the T1-E delivers fun and engaging sound signature with an emphasis on the low end. With deep sub-bass, front facing mids, clear treble, and bright vocals, the T1E brings a smooth, warm, and melodious presentation to your music.

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic


1.More robust and high response

Based on the Balanced version T1 and make the perfect optimization which is suitable for more popular genre and significant preparation tracks。IF sounds warmer,LF sounds deeper and distant,Acoustic field is graders.

2.Driver optimization

Coil diameter increased by 6.8% ,Double twining changed four layers twining。IF sounds fuller, and LF sounds more powerful。
Magnet optimization

3.Adopt N50

high-magnetic ,make it better

4.Diaphragm optimization

The latest generation of German original bio membrane,Sound density is stronger, and information amount is greater 。

5.Excellent manufacturing processes

combined with Ultrasonic manufacturing process and use imported materials,makes it extraordinary and fashionable

6.Restore the original charm of real sound

Without modification of the sound reduction technology,big acoustic field,Both delicate and aesthetic resolution performance。
Patent vector aerodynamic layout

7.Provide accurate

Positioning vocal instrument6N five silver plated copper oxide

8.Excellent analytical

scratching restore sound field is completed
High-quality synthetic material housing.Lightweight high-strength, durable, comfortable to wear

9.Six times harsh test

The difference between left and right channels is less than 1DB, top international quality standard headset

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic

TTPOD T1E dual dynamic

Some Features of the TTPOD T1-E

-Conducted by T1 perfectly balanced version optimized for the preparation of more popular genre with the big tracks IF warmer, deeper distant low-frequency sound field more ambitious

-Unit optimization: Coil diameter increased by 6.8%, double the number to four winding wound, IF fuller, more powerful low frequency

-Diaphragm optimization: The latest generation of the German original biological membrane, sound density stronger, more adequate amount of information

-High-quality synthetic material housing: Lightweight high-strength, durable, comfortable to wear

-Six times harsh test: The difference between left and right channels is less than 1DB, top international quality standard headset

Technical Parameters

-Microphone?                             No

-Plug Diameter                          3.5 mm

-Headphone Plug                        Straight Type

-Driver                                         2 x 6.2mm unilateral drivers

-Frequency Range                       8Hz – 26 kHz

-Sensitivity                                  1040db at 1KHz/mW

-Impedance                                 12 Ohms

-Cable                                          18 core 0.05mm OFC Silver Plated

-cable length                               1.3 M (4 ft)

-connector                                  3.5mm gold plated


*Nine sets of ear tips (S/M/L)

*Carrying bag

*Belt Clip


Overall, T1E is one sexy pair of in-ear headphones that doesn’t just look good, but also sounds good. Without a doubt, a bass is a star of their sound, and some might even find their borderline performance based, especially if you switch to narrow bore ear tips which exaggerate low frequency by filtering down highs. But one important thing to note, with bass-enhanced headphones you often lose a quality of upper mids which results in veiled and recessed vocals. Here, upper mids/treble might not be as bright, but it’s very clear and perfectly balanced with low frequencies.