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Sound MAGIC E30

Designed for personal listening and on-stage monitoring, the Sound MAGIC E30 Earphones tick all the boxes for musicians and music lovers alike. With a balanced sound, professional over the ear fit and robust ABS construction, the E30 in-ear monitors deliver audio without compromise. The in-ear design of the E30 gives high levels of noise isolation and ensures that sound is not lost, distorted or diluted.

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating


The initial impression the Sound Magic E30 earphones make isn’t so great, though. They are carefully designed in some respects, but they aren’t exactly pretty.

A mix of curved shapes and much sharper angles, all relayed in cheap-looking glossy plastic and similarly-plastic silver trim elements, they have a dose of that Sound Magic special sauce. Unfortunately, the SoundMagic sauce tastes a bit… funky, and not in the Bootsy Collins sense. We’re also not fans of the company’s tendency to advertise loudly whether a bud is a left or right channel using red and blue markers – at the cable join here. Put simply; it just doesn’t look right.


E30 are designed to be worn over your ears, and along with a generous selection of tips you get a pair of rubber ear hooks. This house the cable and track around you earlobes, helping to keep them in place and getting rid of cable noise caused when then the wire makes contact with your clothing. As such, hooked earphones like these are good gym buddies, providing noise isolation from whatever trance-hip-hop guff is being pumped out of the place’s sound system.


-Balanced, accurate sound with deep bass extension

-Outstanding tone reproduction

-Comfortable, ergonomic in-ear design

-Professional over ear cabling for best fit

-High level of noise isolation

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating

Balanced Sound

Recreating music as it was intended to be heard, the E30 creates balanced and detailed sound with deep bass.

Ergonomic Design

Featuring a comfortable in-ear design that is easy to fit, the E30 sits securely in the ear canal for hours of fatigue-free listening.

Professional Cable Design

With the over the ear design, the cable is kept out of the way when onstage, in the studio or the gym. The included optional ear hooks also wore over the ear make sure the E30 stay in place.

Noise Isolation

Isolating design seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out, resulting in high fidelity sound and lower volume requirements.

Sound Signature

Neutral, accurate sound with well-defined bass.


Worn this way, they don’t feel the most secure IEMs we’ve ever tried, but the small, light earpieces stayed in happily enough while walking. This is helped by the decent selection of rubber tips included. The standard array of single-flange silicone tips is here, in three sizes, and you also get a pair of dual-flange tips

Sound MAGIC E30 Specifications

Driver Dynamics 9mm Neodymium Driver

Frequency range 15Hz-22KHzDC

Resistance 12+/-10%

OhmsSensitivity 94+/-2 dB at 1KHz/mW

Cable length 1.2 m / 3.93′

ConnectionStereo 3.5mm, I style Gold-planted plug

Weight 10 g / 0.35 oz

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating

Sound MAGIC E30 Noise Isolating

What’s in the box:

SoundMAGIC E30 Noise Isolating In-Ear Monitor Earphones

3 x Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L)

3 x Pairs of Foam Ear Tips (S/M/L)

Cable Clip

Travel Pouch

SoundMAGIC Warranty


“amazing sound, cheap, comfortable like all Soundmagics.”

“Sound, Comfort”


“Design and build quality questionable- feels plasticky and cheap, poor isolation.”

“Isolation, unsure of build quality”


SoundMagic has done it again. The SoundMagic E30 are some of the best earphones you can get for under £50 – and probably the very best at their price. With a well-balanced and detailed sound that leans just the right amount towards warmth and business, they comfortably one-up the E10. Their look didn’t entirely convince us, but we soon forgot about that once the tunes started playing.