Sony MDR-RF985RK

Sony MDR-RF985RK

Sony MDR-RF985RK

The Sony MDR-RF985RK Wireless Radio Frequency Headphone System is designed to transmit analog audio sources wirelessly to its headphones with a range of operation of up to 150-feet. The headphones feature a built-in rechargeable battery that can provide playback for up to 25-hours per charge. They are charged by connecting to the transmitter base station and produce a full charge in 3.5 hours. The headphones also feature 40mm drivers and an adjustable headband designed to provide comfort for long listening sessions.

Sony MDR-RF985RK

Sony MDR-RF985RK

Comfort in headphones is essential


So much so that without the added cushion layer with comfortable clothing over it and the adjustable headbands, no client would prefer buying a make unless the buyer is an amateur. The signal is transmitted over RF signal, and there are three selectable channels on the radio along with 900 MHz radio frequency. Which is simple to state that radio lovers, as mentioned earlier too, would simply not want to miss out on this one.

The headphone recharge of transmitter base.


It is portable, easy to carry around and extremely convenient for users to take advantage from. The quality of sound and input is high as compared to other headphones in the same price range. Many consumer reviews even state that Sony headphones are the best when it comes to sound quality and clarity.

The weight of these headphones is exceptionally light.


Most love the fact that there is no weight, yet instant digital Dolby supportive surround sound system that makes the whole music and movie experience elevated to another level. No matter what place it may be, a busy subway or secluded spot, these headphones are bound to make the time issue and memorable with the quality of sound and the portability along with FM connection.

Long listening sessions are only high with the comfort

Battery life and weight of the headphones in a particular point of view. According to many loyal Sony fans, this particular headphone model tops many others, and it is significantly unfair to leave the product without trial as the experience is good enough to convince and make any music lover a fan of the gadget. It’s connectivity, range and it’s built in rechargeable battery, all in all, is a treat for those who seek entertainment at all times without interruption.

Sony MDR-RF985RK

Sony MDR-RF985RK


1. The best thing about these over-the-ear headphones is they are inexpensive.

2. There is also a three-foot cable included, which permits use as wired headphones in addition to using the Sony Mdrrf985rk headphones as wireless.

3. The built-in rechargeable batteries, automatically recharge when the headphones rest on the transmitter. They fully recharge quickly in only 3.5 hours. The useful battery life, on a full charge, is twenty-five hours.
They are comfortable to wear and are lightweight (10.59 oz.). They are made from all plastic, so they rattle a bit when shaken.

4. There is an on/off pressure switch, which lies inside the adjustable headband. This functions automatically to turn the headphones off when no one is wearing them, to preserve battery life when not in use.

5. There is an automatic tuning feature, which tries to find the best signal reception to avoid interference, combined with a noise reduction system to minimize transmission noise.


1. Because the wireless transmission uses a 900 MHz RF signal, the sound is subject to both distortion and dropouts from radio frequency interference coming from other nearby devices. To avoid interference, there are three channels to choose from, which are either manually selected, or the best channel is automatically chosen by the device. In spite of these options, some consumers complain they experience interference, in the form of a buzzing or crackling sound, when they move about or away from the transmitter.

2. Sony claims a range of up to 150 feet, but this depends on the type of construction materials, the signal from the transmitter must pass through to reach the headphones.

3. Basely is weak. The sound is decent for television, but not very good quality for those who want to use them to listen to music.

Sony MDR-RF985RK

Sony MDR-RF985RK


The best use of these headphones is to watch talking-type shows on television. For that purpose, they are entirely suitable. Otherwise, the sound response is not exceptional, especially in the base range. If the price of the headphones is a strong consideration, the Sony Mdrrf985rk headphones are a good value for the money. Better quality headphones cost two or three times more that these. This Sony Mdrrf985rk review gives these headphones 3.5 out of 5 stars.