Air Oreck Purifier

Oreck Air Purifier

The Oreck Air Purifier is one of Oreck’s most popular devices. It is well below their vacuum empire, but regarding longevity, it has taken the care with years of user respect. However, just because it is popular doesn’t mean it was right from start to finish.

As my Oreck Air Purifier consumer report shows, they had some tough times when many air purifier companies had to live up to their claims.

Oreck came under a lot of scrutinies and didn’t quite hit the mark with their older products, but now they are pushing forward with new designs and technologies.

Oreck Air Purifier

Air Oreck Purifier

The convenience of an easy to use and maneuver tabletop air purifier is excellent. The best thing I think the company did was allow you to turn off the ozone generating device that led them to a world of shame many years ago.

Now you still have the option for short periods of time, which is perfectly fine while still having the use of inexpensive air filters.

Main Specifications

The Air Oreck purifier review xl shows that this air purifier has a lot of features that will benefit you. It is ultimately up to you to decide if you will do the work involved to keep it running in top condition. It is also up to you to consider the health effects of an ozone producing air cleaner.

I will provide the further informative. The information below for you to get the full scope of this air Oreck purifier review xl.

  1. Truman Cell Technology
  2. Air Filtration Ability
  3. Ozone to Oxygen Conversion
  4. Carbon Filter
  5. Ozone Creation

Oreck Air Purifier

Air Oreck Purifier

Truman Cell Technology

The Truman Cell is one of the air filtration steps that the air Oreck purifier review xl talks about a lot. It is the ionic technology that charges air particles to capture air pollutants and reabsorbs them with a high voltage.

This option works very well for smells and odors, but it will reach capacity very quickly with dust and other allergens in the air and require cleaning.

Air Filtration Ability

The of the most significant factors for air Oreck purifier review xl is how much air it can circulate through it within a given amount of time.

A lot of the early models just let free-flowing air go through it in a hope to make things completely silent. However, you can’t purify the atmosphere if all of it is not going through the system!

They now have appropriately placed fans with speed settings to handle these problems. It now can purify the air in a 1000 square foot room in an hour. That rate is moderately good and above standard for a device of its size.

However, if you try to run it on high, you will go deaf and the particles will be going too fast to be trapped and will blow back in your face. Odors may still catch at that speed because of the carbon filter and ozone levels.

Ozone to Oxygen Conversion

A little genius process that Oreck has come up with is a way for their ozone creating the machine to turn ozone back to oxygen. Supposedly, this will make the possible high levels of ozone not get out of control as much as air cleaners. Of course, Air Cleaners are more of a commercial product when people are not around.

I do love the concept, but it also depletes some of its ability to get rid of odors and smells quickly. The conversion isn’t as high as you think, but it is happening. I would like to see some improvements made in this technology than ionic air purifiers would give HEPA a run for its money.

Carbon Filter of Oreck Air Purifier

You are probably not even aware that an air filter Oreck purifier even exists. It isn’t made to stop dust and pollen like HEPA air purifier filters are. It is formed to prevent odors and smells, which carbon is magnificent at doing.

You may remember old commercials stating that they had no filters to replace. That is right because this is washable, so you don’t have to return it anytime soon.

Ozone Creation

Last but not least is the controversy of ozone creation. We all know its right in the blue skies above our house (in particular quantities), but it can be bad for us in high amounts no matter where it is.

The air Oreck purifier review xl shows that it doesn’t release that much ozone in parts per million, but over time and with cleaning problems this could go well above specifications.

Oreck Air Purifier

Air Oreck Purifier

If you have read the Oreck Air Purifier consumer report, you will find all the information you are looking for in the matter. Different Oreck air purifier parts will make this product better than it is.

But it will still produce ozone, and it is up to you to decide if you can handle the responsibility of its safety concerns. Used correctly it can fix your problems, but if misused it can be another health issue.

Issues with Oreck Air Purifier

As you can see, I have a general concern with ionic air purifier technology because of all the problems it creates for the user. Let me list some of the biggest challenges below.

  1. Doesn’t hold much dust
  2. Most soil becomes thick and falls to the ground
  3. It will continue to distribute when full
  4. It makes harmful amounts of ozone over time (3 days to dissipate)
  5. blades aren’t durable
  6. Super hard to clean with stated instructions
  7. Makes loud noises when it is dirty
  8. Perform poorly in humidity

However, even with all that I see wrong 60% of people still like it and they are the ones who have figured out how to clean it. It is splendid at deodorizing smells and odors from bacteria and mold.

Ozone air cleaners are good at this, and that is a by-product of this device. Of course, too much ozone can harm humans through their respiratory system, and you will begin to notice it if you run it too often.

Air Oreck Purifier Review XL Conclusion

In the end, the Oreck Air Purifier review xl is a product that will work for you when you take care of it. If you hear weird sounds coming from it, then you need to clean it according to the instruction manual.

I suggest isopropyl alcohol or bleach and hot water rather than their expensive cleaner. If you are afraid of the ozone that this air purifier will create, I recommend that you buy one with a HEPA filter in it. If you heed my warnings and follow the instructions, I am sure you will find just what you need.