Oreck Air Clean Purifier

Oreck Air Clean Purifier

Oreck Air clean purifier line is known very well for cleaning the air using ionic technology. Many questions have been asked about this technology that you can read in my article (do ionic air purifiers work). Despite its issues, it does work well for cleaning the air without much noise, and it even helps your air purifier removes odors.

Oreck Air Clean Purifier

Oreck air clean purifier



Each version of an air clean Oreck Air purifier does slightly different things and does them better than the last. Many people love these machines for specific things. I believe one of the things it is known for doing the best is removing dust, allergens, odors and smoke from small areas. Below I will list some of the things that Oreck air purifiers claims to do and people have attested too.


1. Recirculates Air


2. Air Purifier Removes Odors


3. Removes Allergens


4. Fan Speed Settings


5. Small Size


6. Quiet


7. Ultraviolet Light Odor Absorber


8. Air Clean Oreck Purifier Review

Oreck Air Clean Purifier

Oreck air clean purifier




All Oreck Air clean rock purifiers will exchange air to remove odors, smoke, and allergic material, but what matters is how well it does it. I must say that for the size of this machine it does it all very well. You must restrict it to its small space like the 8×10 it states it will do. It doesn’t tell you how many times in an hour it will do it, though. It all depends on the fan speed, which takes away the quiet feature.


Oreck Air Circulation


One of the biggest battles with Oreck purifiers is the amount of air that it can exchange within a given rooms size. Many people have problems with smoke, allergic material, and odors throughout their house. They usually try to work these with a furnace air filter, but it is just a start. Oreck has worked very hard since their consumer report back in 1995 to make sure that they can purify the air properly without polluting it with something else.


I believe they have moved very far in their way with a reusable filter, ionic technology and Ultraviolet light technology to provide a three-fold filtration system, which makes the need to circulate air constantly unneeded. It all depends on how much of these problems your home or business has.


Air Clean Oreck Air Purifier Removes Odors


The odor removal of this air cleaner is very high. The Ultraviolet light truly breaks down the smells at a cellular level. If you had used a good air purifier before and noticed the air seems fresher like walking through a field on a beautiful day this would be something like that. On top of that, you have a filter that will be a lot of things.

Allergen Removal


The allergen removal ability of this air purifier depends on how high you have the fan set too. You may want it silent, but it won’t be able to circulate the air enough times to get all of it out of the air in a decent amount of time. Also, the Ionic technology will make a lot of the allergens become heavy and fall to the ground. It will keep it out of your nose as long as you don’t put your nose on the ground or stir it up with your feet, broom or vacuum if you know what I mean!


Smoke Removal


For those that like to smoke inside then this is a great option for you. I believe the best technology for absorbing smoke is Ionic Technology because of the way it grabs onto the molecules and weighs them down to remove them from the air. If the circulation is good, enough it will be trapped in the magnetic filter within the device. Of course, you must make sure you don’t keep the device on 24/7 to keep ozone creation down.

Oreck Air Clean Purifier

Oreck air clean purifier

Air Clean Oreck Purifier Conclusion


In all this line of Oreck, purifiers are excellent overall. When the device is used appropriately and not overly, it will provide you with the filtration you need to get fresher air. A lot of the old fears have been fixed by new technology, and you will discover like many other people have how good this can be for your situation.