Nokia Purity Pro

The Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth headphones are one of the few sets of headphones that take simplicity to heart. The headphones work beautifully wirelessly. These Nokia headphones have near-field transmission technology.

So if they are within a few feet of your music player, you can experience quality audio. The headphones design features operating keys for answering and ending calls and controlling your music.

Nokia Purity Pro

Your comfy cans

Sleek, well-designed and with soft ear cushions, the headset’s so comfortable to use you’ll almost forget you’ve got it on. No messing either. Just unfold and you’re instantly powered up and connected. With easy-to-reach controls, you’re in total command of sound and speech.

Noise cancellation

The Active Noise Cancellation takes effect as soon as you place them over your ears. It’s an incredible sensation having ambient sounds suddenly drowned out as if by magic. A feeling of calm descends upon you, and it’s almost a shame to spoil the tranquillity with some music!


As you would expect for a premium wireless headset with Active Noise Cancellation, NFC pairing, voice prompts and a host of other cool features, they do require a power source.

Nokia Purity Pro

Nokia Purity Pro

The good news is that the Purity Pros have a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that offers up to one day of full music playback with Active Noise Cancellation.

Conveniently, you charge them up using the same Micro-USB that you use to charge up your Lumia smartphone (a Micro-USB cable and charger is included in the box). Even without any power, you’ll still be able to use a wired connection for listening without noise cancellation.

Fold on/off

The ability to fold up the Purity Pros is perfect for portability, but it goes much deeper than that. The simple act of unfolding them turns them on; folding them back up turns them off again.

Hands-free calls

As well as seamless connectivity with your Lumia smartphone for music playback, the Purity Pro Wireless Headset can also replicate many of the phone functions.

Using the integrated controls, you can answer incoming calls and speak hands-free without needing to reach for your smartphone. You can even initiate your phone calls with voice dialing or last number redial.

Nokia Purity Pro

Nokia Purity Pro

Features are also impressive

  • Wireless headset with the luxury of choosing to use the wire
  • Extreme ease of use. Unfold headset to power on.
  • Ultimate voice quality supplemented by Active Noise Cancellation
  • Innovative integration with Nokia Lumia Phones, Software, and Tap to pair.
  • Design that makes a statement

Carry case

When weighing up the pros and cons of getting the Purity Pros, the accompanying carry case was not a factor. I was expecting a cloth drawstring bag!

Pros and Cons Nokia Purity Pro

Pros Nokia Purity Pro

  • Active noise cancellation lasts up to 24 hours, far more than other phones in its class.
  • The Nokia Purity by Monster Pro is an extraordinarily comfortable and unique experience, clearly designed for comfort. The light and compact design are perfect for activity.
  • Tiny noise leaks from the earcups especially compared to other competitors in the class.

Cons Nokia Purity Pro

  • The price. Without the backing of a big brand name and questions about long-term durability docks the Nokia Purity down a peg, and the warranty is not helpful.
  • The Purity doesn’t have a first-party app to equalize the bass and treble, but not particularly relevant during voice calls.


Regarding finalizing the grade, this device is best left to personal style preference. It has all of the features of near-audiophile quality headphones, with a great design. Overall, the Nokia Purity Pro review ends with a decent grade of 4/5 stars.