Motorola SF600

The Motorola SF600 Headphones Review Bluetooth wireless earbuds are an excellent choice for a casual user. Their sound quality is above average, and the Bluetooth will let you go up to 33 feet away from the paired device, but once you reach about 20 feet away, you will start to notice some static coming from the earbuds.

Motorola SF600

Whether you are an active jogger or your workout in different ways, it is necessary to cut the cable running from your mobile device to the headphones.

First, this cable is always bouncing all over the place and getting in the way. Moreover, this Motorola SF600 Headphones Review shows how the Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones do not have this sort of problem at all.

Motorola SF600

Also, this Motorola SF600 Headphones Review shoes how the Bluetooth feature of the device allows you to sync up the equipment to your mobile device, all without having any wires running between the two.

Besides, the headphones also are in-ear design and have a solid base that slides around the back end of the ears. This way, the headphones are not going to bounce around and move on you while you are jogging.

Top Features of the Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones

  • First, perfect for use with MOTOACTV.
  • Second, pulse-pounding HD Bluetooth-enabled audio.
  • Third, sweat-proof and made with Kevlar® fiber for durability.
  • Hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals keep moisture out and keep the music flowing.
  • Weight balanced with multiple ear cushion sizes for custom fit.
  • Breakthrough wireless audio featuring apt-X codec technology.
  • Finally, built-in mic and controls let you take and make hands-free calls on the run.

Additional information – Motorola SF600 Headphones Review

The Motorola SF600 Bluetooth stereo headphones keep your music moving with you. High definition audio provides amazingly rich sound, and the advanced design ensures that the headphones are lightweight, comfortable and sweat proof. You can even take your calls while listening to music on Motorola SF600 Bluetooth Headphones.

Stay active. Stay entertained.

The Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset Motorola SF 600 is tailor-made for your active lifestyle, offering convenient on-the-go access to your music and calls.

Motorola SF600 Headphones Review

The sweat resistant material used is designed to keep your headset comfortable at all times while you are wearing them.

Motorola SF600 Headphones Review

Go for style and comfort

Wear this sleek, lightweight headset comfortably around your neck and find the perfect fit with a selection of earpieces to choose. The Motorola SF600 is a lightweight, wireless headset that brings clarity to your music and calls.

Motorola SF600 Headphones Review

This stylish headset features a lightweight, sweat resistant neckband for all-day comfort and a variety of different earpieces designed to fit perfectly in your ear.
Motorola SF600 Bluetooth Headphones

Experience high-quality audio

Enjoy superior sound quality in noisy or windy environments with DSP (digital signal processing) technology ideal for all your outdoor activities. Advanced DSP (digital signal processing) technology offers high-quality audio and helps reduce distracting background noise as you talk.

Motorola SF600

Enjoy high definition audio

The high definition audio provides a deep rich sound so you can enjoy your music the way that it was meant to be heard. With every beat sounding as perfect as the artist intended.

Pros and Cons



Some people are going to disagree because the MSRP is around the hundred dollars, which is on the higher end for sports headphones. But you get more than your money’s worth, especially if you’re serious about your music and your workouts.

Built with Kevlar

No, your headphones likely aren’t bulletproof, but they are unbelievably light since they are made with scratch resistant Kevlar.

Sweat Resistant

To add further to the durability the Motorola utilized hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals to help keep moisture out.


Neckband cord

Most neckband headphones use a more sturdy/stiff plastic band that sits just off your neck. The SF 600 use a flexible cable that rests/touches your neck a lot during the workout. Wasn’t a huge deal, but it did bother us a little bit. It’s also not adjustable, though neckbands usually aren’t.


To conclude, sound quality and the simple layout of the controls make the Motorola SF600 earbuds a great pick for anyone looking to improve their music listening experience with wireless devices.

While some of the design forgoes comfort, the durability and strength of the Kevlar cast and the long-lasting battery provide the reassurance that these earbuds are designed to last.