Motorola S9 Earbuds

Motorola S9 Earbuds

The Motorola S9 wireless earbuds have a sleek design that makes them small and lightweight, which is beneficial in many situations. Their water-resistant surface makes them ideal for people who are mobile and physically active. They will stretch to fit bigger heads, but they aren’t adjustable so that they can feel a little snug under these situations. However, the S9 features noise-isolation technology and easily pairs with Bluetooth devices.

Motorola S9 Earbuds

Motorola S9 Earbuds


The Motorola S9’s ingeniously slim, light and durable design stands out. Dubbed as an active stereo headset, the S9 is clearly targeted at users who are active and might jog, exercise or bike with the headset on. The lightweight behind-the-head design and small ear buds allow being more physically active compared to traditional headphone models. The Motorola S9 also has a tight form that ensures the headset stays on securely even when your body is moving.

Size & Fit

This set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds boasts exceptional clarity, whether you are making a phone call or listening to your MP3 player. These earbuds’ sound quality is what you would expect from a small listening device like this, but there is no doubt that these little earbuds produce loud audio. With both calls and music listening, the sound is clear. Even when the volume is loud, there is tiny white noise. The volume range and stereo experience give you listening pleasure up to 33 feet.

Voice Quality and Range

The stereo separation is excellent. Music sounds full, mostly balanced with the bass being slightly too thin (these are earbuds after all). The volume is loud, and you should have no problem hearing music tracks while exercising. The AV controls work like a charm for changing volume, back, and forward tracks and taking phone calls. Voice dialing through the Motorola S9 works well. The one flaw in both music and sound quality is the background white noise that looks like old radio static.

Motorola S9 Earbuds

Motorola S9 Earbuds

Voice calls have decent quality but not as good as the music playback quality. The DSP doesn’t have much effect, and you can hear background noise quite clearly.

Battery Life

The Motorola S9 Bluetooth stereo headset comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and you can charge it using the included AC world charger. The claimed talk time is 7 hours and claimed music playback time is 6 hours. Our tests showed that those numbers were over-estimated. We got about 4 to 4 ½ hours of music playback time. The claimed standby is 150 hours which was also overestimated based on our tests. The headset offers power saving feature and will shut itself off when you are not using it for about 1 hour. You will need to turn it on again when you want to use it again.


1. works with iPod

2. iPhone certified

3. on-ear music controls

4. wireless

5. great sound

6. Bluetooth capable

7. works with music players

Motorola S9 Earbuds

Motorola S9 Earbuds


1. uncomfortable after a while

2. not adjustable

3. line-of-site required for transmitter

4. limited Bluetooth technology

5. no carrying case

6. only one color available

7. not all phones are compatible


Jocks who listen to music on either their phones or MP3 players will like the Motorola S9’s wireless music streaming and the light weight. Although the headphones focus many features on music playback, they also offer a nice set of tools for making and receiving phone calls. If you happen to use a phone that doesn’t have loud white noise, then the S9 is a good choice for you.