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Klipsch Image S4i


One of the leading noise canceling earbuds available in the market is the Klipsch Image S4i headphones. Klipsch’s Image S4 earphones have been around for some time, but the audio company recently launched a rugged edition, which promises weather resistance alongside impressive sound quality. We took them for a spin to find out how they perform.

It is simply made for iPhone and iPod users who are fond of music and multi-tasking. The noise canceling earbuds will put you to the beat and make life easy for you. According to the most noise canceling earbuds review the Image S4i is an excellent product that allows you to enjoy the high-level sound, manage your music files as well as answer and drop calls without any interruption of music.

Klipsch Image S4i

Klipsch Image S4i



Sound quality is pretty much identical to the regular S4is — which is to say it’s impressive for this price range. The highs and lows are more pronounced than the midrange frequencies, and as previously mentioned, the tight fit of the earbuds allows for an impressive bass response. The sound doesn’t compare to earbuds costing several hundreds of pounds, but it’s leaps and bounds better than whatever earphones came bundled with your phone or MP3 player.



When it comes to comfort, no one beats Klipsch headphones. Our patented oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of your ear canals, providing a secure fit and comfortable long-term wear. With these exclusive ear tips, you’ll also get superior noise isolation, a characteristic that lets you enjoy music at lower, safer volumes, as well as achieve excellent bass response.

Klipsch Image S4i

Klipsch Image S4i


The S4i headphones’ audio works with virtually any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and features an Apple-based mic and three-button remote for taking calls and controlling music on iPods, iPhones or iPads. Located on the back of the remote is a directional mic for hands-free, crystal-clear phone calls.

Klipsch Image S4i Product Features and Specifications

-Product Dimensions: 1 x 5 x 7 inches ; 0.5 ounces

-Klipsch Image S4i Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

-3-button iPhone/iPod control with vol+, vol-, answer, play, pause, skip+, skip control

-Delicate and attractive appearance with piano black finish with chrome touch

-High-level echo-canceling microphone

-Unique, durable Oval Ear Tips for comfort and excellent sound isolation and seal

-Ultimate Sound Bass Response and accuracy from two magnet micro-speaker and circular ear tip closure

-Oval Ear Tips comes in 3 sizes – small, medium, large, to fit perfectly

-Includes snap carrying case

-Comes with 2-year limited warranty

Klipsch Image S4i

Klipsch Image S4i


Built-in iPhone/iPod controls and mic. Works with iPod shuffle’s voice-over feature. Strong bass response. Secure, comfortable fit.


Controls only guaranteed to work with iPhone 3GS and newer iPods.


As such, the rugged Image S4 is are worth picking up if you’re looking for a mid-range upgrade to a cheap set of earbuds.

The sound quality alone makes these an easy recommendation, and the rugged construction, a range of color options and slight build improvements over the regular S4is backs that recommendation up yet further.