JLab JBuds J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M Earbuds


The JLab J6M buds high-performance earbuds combine a blissfully slim, soft rounded shape with the very latest in ultra-compact titanium micro drivers, delivering an unparalleled experience of audio fidelity and supreme comfort. The jbuds j6m feature jlab’s brand new 45 metal jack (24 karat gold plated), Kevlar-reinforced cable, feather soft cushions in 7 sizes and two styles for a perfect, custom fit and cable clip. The j6m boast an inline microphone and track control that deliver crystal-clear calls and a wide range of audio and call controls to your favorite cell phones and digital devices.

JLab J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M buds Design

The Kevlar reinforced cable is durable and so far seems to be holding up very well. The entire headphones are lightweight and comfortable. Overall I would say that the quality is the best thing they have going for it, they seemed to be very durable and built strong. As in, the pieces fit very well together, no part of it is loose, and the important parts of the headphones are made of metal (mic control button, in-line splitter, 3.5 mm gold plated jack and the actual headphone pieces).

JLab J6M buds Call Quality

The call quality is excellent; I was able to test another product by the same company, and it seems so far they make great headphones for making phone calls. When using it, I was able to hear the other person clearly without any issues, and they were able to hear me without any problems.

To answer a phone call with the J6M, press the Mic Control button and you will be connected, end a phone call, press the same button.

Comfortable Jbuds J6 Headphones

The Jbuds J6 headphones were designed with comfort in mind, in fact, that is why they were made to be so small and compact. Their lightweight design in conjunction with their ergonomic ear tips makes them perfect for anyone that is seeking a comfortable pair of in-ear headphones.


The cord is a simple and seems to be durable. It is stated on the website that it is Kevlar reinforced and throughout testing, it has held up without any issue.

Noise reduction

The J6M does not offer any active noise reduction, but they do a good job of blocking out the noise when the correct ear buds are used for your size ear. As with anything this small, you may pick up some outside noises if it is too loud, but overall it is evident when making and receiving calls.

JLab J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M Earbuds

Ergonomic Earbuds

Earbud tips are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in ears of all sizes, in fact with the seven different tips, they are the even great headphone for small ears.

Kevlar Enforced Cables

The cable on the Jbuds J6 headphones are Kevlar enforced, you don’t have to worry about the cables breaking, and with the Kevlar they are more tangle resistant than other headphones.

Gold Plated Jack and Advanced Drivers

The gold plated jack in combination with the advanced drivers provides the user with top quality sound include crisp midtones and a strong bass.


– Ergonomically engineered for supreme comfort plus seven cushion sizes for the perfect fit

– Features an inline microphone and track control for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Blackberry, HTC

– Advanced 6mm micro drivers for unparalleled audio fidelity

– Kevlar reinforced cable with 24 karat gold plated jack

– Includes cable clip, vinyl pouch, and JLab’s world-class warranty and service

JLab J6M Earbuds

JLab J6M Earbuds


– Drive unit 2 x 6mm 16 Ohm

– Frequency Response 20-20khz

– Impedance 16ohm +/- 20%

– Sensitivity (at 1kHz) 90 +/-3dB

– Cord length: 122cm

– Plug Type: Dia. 3.5mm Stereo Gold Plug, 45 degree angle

– Max. Power: 10mW

– Channel Balance: 3dB at 1kHz

Pros of the Jbuds J6

Sound Quality is comparable to headphones that are of a much higher price range

Ergonomic tips make for comfortable listening experience, even during extended wear

7 Different eartip sizes mean finding the right fit is much easier than with the standard small, medium, and large tips that most other headphones provide

Handles a wide variety of music types, including more bass heavy listening

Cons of the Jbuds J6

Kevlar cables can be a little bit heavy, if you use the wrong sized eartips, they could start to fall out. That being said this problem is easily avoided if you size them when you first get them.

Customer Service from Jbuds is not the best, save your box if you can


They are a good pair of head phones that sound great. They are not top of the line with many features (active noise reduction, volume control, etc..) but they are good whether you are looking to listen to music or make and receive clear phone calls.