IQ Air Health Pro Plus

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

IQ Air cleaners are on the top of the list because of their superior technology and construction. They also use the best air filters on the market and use the most amount of air cleaner media. With this kind of combination, it is hard to be beaten in the air purifier marketplace. They have received more awards than any other air purifier and for good reason. Of course, if your wallet is a little dry in this economy you will have a hard time coming to terms with the price of this air purifier, but you cannot deny its performance.

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

Besides being the pick of the litter when it comes to home air purifiers the IQ Air health pro plus has great things being used inside it to make it the best available for you within your home. You will find four different levels of air filtration within this IQ air health pro plus air purifier that will stop everything you are having a problem within your home. I must concur that this is for people who have serious health issues with their air quality and need the best. IQ Air health pro plus is used in hospitals and dental offices to purify the air where open wounds are present and to keep things sterilized.



In the following section, I will go over the high technologies used within this air purifier. You will discover why this is the best air purifier available. You may even find yourself breaking the piggy bank to get your hands on one if you need it. The way IQ Air cleaners are built is also imperative as well. You will discover why this is below when I describe it in detail. If you have any other questions from the information I provide, please contact me.




4.IQAir Premax Prefilter

5.Charcoal Air Filters

6.IQAir Oxidation Process

7.Air Purifier HEPA Filter


The construction of the IQ Air cleaner and the rest of the IQ air purifiers is a bit deceiving for people that look at things from the outside. It is a hard plastic, and you can’t see the great features built into it to make it extremely efficient. The air cleaner pulls air from the bottom of the unit and drags it through multiple levels of air filtration with a fan that is positioned just after the prefilter. Unlike the 1 cm think prefilters you may have in your current air filter. The IQAir prefilter is a couple of inches of high-quality material.

One of the most important parts is how the air travels through the air purifier. It has no chance of escaping the process at any point and must go through the systematic progression of being filtered. The Swiss creators Klaus and Manfred Hammes came up with the beginning of this cutting edge technology when they created the first home air purifier in 1963. These IQAir purifiers are still made only in Switzerland until this very day.

Besides price and cleaning ability the thing that many people want to know about is the sound quality of the IQ air health pro plus. A lot of individuals like noise when they sleep, and others don’t. Nobody wants the lowest noise level to be something that is not capable of being slept through. I can assure that you will sleep like a baby no matter what your preferences are. The design of the fan, which is in between the air filters is done to reduce sound. It is suspended with rubber pads to stop vibrations that may occur. Also, you have a diffuser for the air output to keep the sounds it does make from escaping into the room and your ears.

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

IQ Air Health Pro Plus



You will love the easy to use controls on the IQ Air health pro plus. Of course, it is not a single dial that has three fan settings, but it has a lot more information with just as easy use. You have six fan speeds on this air purifier, which is more than any air purifier I know. Your timer that is similar to the ones you have on your temperature gauge in your house where you can set the times when you want it to run or not run. You can even set the specific fan speeds. It is truly incredible. Above all this, you get a cool remote control that you can use from your couch or bed so you don’t have to get up if you want to change something.

Fan Speed 1 – 40 Cubic Feet per Minute

Fan Speed 2 – 70 Cubic Feet per Minute

Fan Speed 3 – 110 Cubic Feet per Minute

Fan Speed 4 – 140 Cubic Feet per Minute

Fan Speed 5 – 170 Cubic Feet per Minute

Fan Speed 6 – 240 Cubic Feet per Minute


When it comes to ratings, IQ Air has never been big on them. They are so good and widely acclaimed they have not been rated for CADR. I would guess that it would be around 300 CADR if it ever were, which is great, but it does a lot more than what that rating can measure. Let me give you a bit of information. For what seems like a decade now this air purifier has been voted the best thing since sliced bread, and it continues to do so even with an ever-changing market. Places like “Consumers Digest and Newsweek” and many other accreditation websites have given this all types of awards over the years.

What I think is even more significant are the people who are using the air purifiers and where they use them. Many hospitals choose IQAir because it is the best option for them to purify their air so they can minimize risk to patients from catching and spreading diseases. It is a must have for them, and this shows just how good the IQ air health pro plus is.

Earlier I mentioned that there are six fan speeds on this air purifier, which is more than most air purifiers on the market. The reason they have this is to give you some variety when you choose a setting. You may be away, at home, watching tv or have some bad smoke or smell that you need to get rid of. All of these situations can be fixed by choosing one of these fan speed settings. The quiet setting is definitely at sleeping level and produces minimal sound (around 35 decibels) so you can sleep soundly. The highest setting moves a lot of air and is pretty much normal to most air purifiers (70 decibels).

PreMax Prefilter

One of the things that are not talked about a lot is the premix prefilter. Many people think it is just a mere millimeter thin piece of fabric to stop air particles. Low and behold when they get the product they find out it is a couple of inches thick and has 25 square feet of air filter media. Not only is this great media, but it is 85% high accumulation media rated by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioner Engineer (ASHRAE). They have a mission to advance these types of technologies worldwide.

Remember that the prefilter is the first thing that polluted air comes into contact with so you don’t want some flimsy air filter media trying to stop it. For the most part, you just are out to stop large and medium sized particles. Of course, IQ air filters can catch things that are microscopic and much better than “True HEPA” air filters. This is the real difference between IQAir and everybody else on the market. You see their prices and are shocked, but once you see the difference in performance you will be double shocked! Also, know this will last you 1 – 1.5 years, unlike other prefilters that can just be vacuumed and barely help you extend the life of your actual air filter.

Charcoal Air Filters

I know you have heard of me talk about many charcoal air purifiers, but have never heard about one this strong before. The only a couple come close with the use of coal like the Austin Air Healthmate 400. However, it cannot claim anywhere near the same amount of air filtration even though it is in my Top Ten air purifiers list! It is important for you to know that activated charcoal captures odors and smells (stinky trash and hazardous gas) inside microscopic holes within its molecules. I don’t want to get too technical though so at least you get the point now. It is not an air freshener, but a bad air capture.

You may have heard of this technology, and that would be because it is used in aquariums and water filters. You may be drinking water right now that has passed through activated charcoal. Now you don’t have that heavy water smell or taste. It would help a lot for the people in some U.S. stated that high enough “natural gas” ratios in their water to light it on fire! Note that this air filter is called the V5-cell. It has something else in it that I will explain in the next section.

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

IQ Air Health Pro Plus

Oxidation Process

The second part of the equation with the v5-cell IQAir filter is the alumina combined with potassium permanganate, which is capable of stopping any of the hundreds of hazardous VOCs that could be traveling through your air. You could be at home with chemicals in your basement sleeping on the floor or at work with even more hazardous chemicals not being properly sealed or contained. All will be stopped with this oxidation process.

I would love to explain to you the oxidation process, but it is not as simple as you would help. A particular type of molecule is created inside the air filter that attaches to polluted particles and captures them in the V-5 cells. It is something you have to experience rather than being told. You have to have a bad problem to see all that it can do.

Air Purifier HEPA Filter

I believe everybody should be aware of the great HYPERHEPA air filters that IQAir makes. This air purifier uses this super active HEPA air cleaner to make it the best in the world. When you see the word “HEPA” you have to put the word “HYPER” in front of it to describe the amount of air filtration that you receive. You know that regular HEPA stops 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. The Hyper HEPA air filter prevents 99.5% of particles down to 0.03 microns!

I am so happy to state that using HyperHEPA air filters is the way to go. You get the best air filtration in the world, and you don’t use technologies like “Ozone, Ultraviolet light or ionic technology” to clean the air. You are safe when you use HEPA air filters because they don’t do anything to the air. UV is safe as well as long as it is not hitting you. UV is the reason we were sunscreen in the summer.


I have said it once, and I will say it again. This air cleaner is the best room and home air purifier you can get. It may be expensive, but it is expensive for a reason, and it is still a deal for the amount of air filtration you get. I think for under $1000 this is a good deal if you have health issues otherwise why to spend the money. Well, I guess if you have the money to pay then it’s your choice.