Infrared Thermometer TS-110

Infrared Family Ear Thermometer TS-110

Gurin TS-110 Infrared Ear Thermometer presents a simple, expedient, and perfect way for temperature getting through infrared heat is given off from the eardrum and surrounding tissue. Clinical examination has shown that the ear is a perfect site for taking body temperature. The eardrum assigns the same blood supply with the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates body temperature. Therefore, the ear is a real indicator of internal body (core) temperature. The thermometer receives a reading in 1 second a notifies when the temperature has been noted with a beep. Compact design is little and light and ideal for home use and travel.

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

 Accurate readings

For a thermometer that is going to ensure accurate readings for the entire family, parents may want to consider the Infrared Family Ear Thermometer TS-110. The model allows parents to take the temperatures of anyone in the household, from childhood to adulthood and assure that there are accurate readings that are represented by each temperature.

With accuracy in mind, parents can also have the ability to take the temperature reading in as little as one second. This way, parents can complete temperature readings for everyone in the family, as quick as possible.

To observe the most accurate temperature with the ear thermometer, be sure to pull back the ear lobe of the person having the temperature checked gently, as this can allow the probe to enter the ear canal, and obtain the most accurate reading to determine whether a fever is present.

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

One-second reading

The one-second reading is a great option for parents that are dealing with toddlers that don’t want to sit still or infants that are unable to be comforted while the reading is being taken. This way, parents that are getting the temperature checked can complete it as quickly as possible, too.

There are no probe covers that are expected for the Infrared Family Ear Thermometer TS-110, and therefore parents should ensure that the thermometer is cleaned between uses with a cotton swab that has been soaked in alcohol. This will reduce the instance of residue that can cause false and inaccurate readings being reported through the temperature.

SPECIFICATIONS Infrared Thermometer TS-110:

-Range of computation : 93.2′ F to 109.4′ F,

-Measuring Accuracy: Ear: +/- 0.4′F,

-Operating Environment: 60.8′F to 95′F with comparative humidity up to 85% (non-condensing),

-Battery: One CR-2032 (3.0 V dc) battery

-UPC: 753182615998

-SKU: gurin-ts-110-eartherm

-Weight: 3 oz

-Packaged Weight: 6 oz

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

Infrared Thermometer TS-110

Features of the Infrared Thermometer TS-110

-Grown-Up, Babies, Children, One Second reading with Beep

-Large LCD

-Probe Cover Free, Waterproof probe design

-Low Battery Indicator

-Power Saving Auto-Power Off

–Fahrenheit readings


Purchasers praised the functionality, ease-of-use, speed, and accuracy of this thermometer. Additionally, it does not demand probe covers, which pleased many users.


Some users believed that this model was inconsistent with its readings. However, this is typical for digital thermometers, and it did not impact the users’ overall satisfaction.


To sum up, I observe this thermometer ideal for not only babies but for the whole family. With it the small size, you can carry it easily in your handbag. Taking temperature is so easy with it that even a seven years old can use it and it gives the accurate reading. I would profoundly recommend this to anyone who is planning to purchase one!

At a price point of under twenty-five dollars, families can easily buy one or two thermometers to keep in the house upstairs, downstairs or even in the diaper bag to check temperatures on the go.