Hoover FH40010B FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Hoover FH40010B FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum is your most fabulous three-in-one flooring vacuum cleaner which does everything.

It vacuums, washes and dries hard grounds with a single smooth tool. In addition, it dries hard floors fast, rendering it ultra-clean. Well, it’s simple to use because it includes the natural style choice.

Select “Stage 1″ for vacuuming, “Stage 2″ to make the most of this newest Multi-Purpose SpinScrub Technology for to floors pristine, “Stage 3″ to make those floors dry.

Apart from performing the job, it’s supposed to do, the very best thing about this particular unit will control the operator has over how moist the flooring get.

Product Features

  • 6 Amps motor
  • 3-in-1 bagless cleaner vacuums wash and dry hard floors
  • Patented counter-rotating SpinScrub brushes gently clean and scrubs from all angles
  • Simple Mode Selection
  • Dual Tank Technology to separate clean and dirty water
  • Multi-Purpose SpinScrub Technology
  • Auto shut-off recovery tank
  • Simple Storage Solutions
  • Three cleaning stage selections
  • 27′ Power Cord with Quick Release
  • 13-inch Wide Cleaning Path
  • Removable nozzles and brushes
  • Works Great on Hard Floors

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub WetDry Vacuum FH40010B

This Hoover Wet/Dry vacuum does an excellent job of deep cleaning a floor. In fact, the vacuum itself works pretty well on hard floors especially ceramic tile floors, marble tile and pergo, and it makes keeping the stories clean seem almost effortless.

Moreover, it works excellent on floor scrubbing and sucks dirty water off the floor. No more vacuuming first, then get the mop ready, wait about 45 mins for the level to dry before putting stuff back.

You can now do a section at a time without any hassle. This cleaner cleaned up all of the soap effortlessly, and it wasn’t even slippery.

Although you still have to hand clean the stubborn spots on grout lines (just like the instructions tell you), it washed the dirty floor with ease, and the level looks great.

In addition, it also comes with exclusive Hoover technology like patented counter-rotating SpinScrub brushes that wash and scrub hard stories from all angles. Another tech is the Dual Tank technology that makes sure the dirt that comes up doesn’t end back up on the floor.


Height: 13.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches deep x 44 inches high
Weight: 16 pounds

This Hoover FloorMate vacuum is a little on the heavy side. If you have a lot of stairs in your place, it is a workout every time you want to use this product. Although it is slightly heavy, it is still very manoeuvrable.

SpinScrub Brushes

If you feel mopping was a dreaded task, this FloorMate vacuum with SpinScrub does a great job scrubbing and picking up the dirty water.

The water extraction feature reduces wait times and keeps surfaces fresh, clean and dry. It is designed to deliver the best clean while gently scrubbing sealed wood and vinyl, grout and tile.

Moreover, its patented counter-rotating brushes gently wash and scrub hard floors from all angles.


It powers by a six amp motor where the suction is good but isn’t very powerful. Nonetheless, it has no problem with hair, dust, even pet litter.

The dirt that it picks up is shocking and suck up the hair and crumbs easily. If you clean the dirt container before you wash, it will work better.

Well, if you like to walk barefoot and hate the sticky residue mopping left behind, then this one cleaned and the floors look great.

And the floor is completely dry by the time you put the machine up.

13-inch Wide Cleaning Path

You will find your house-cleaning chores go quickly as you make use of the Hoover FH40010B’s 13-inch cleaning path. With a 13-inch full cleaning path and rubber wheels, your floors won’t feel like you’re beating them up just to get them clean.

Dual Tank Technology (Bagless)

Nowadays, many upright models are now available with the bagless feature. This Hoover upright vacuum comes with a dual tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water separately, so you never put dirty water back on the floor.

This feature could be just the cleaning tool you are looking for if you want to avoid messy bags, and you do not need to buy extra bags.

The tank is small enough that you do not feel like you are carrying a ton of water around while you’re using it. It is very convenient and stores easily.

Furthermore, the dirty water tank hold twice the amount as the clean tank, so you do not have to empty it part way. Most importantly, the FloorMate’s recovery tank has an auto shut off feature which stops suction when the dirty water tank is full.

Easy to use

This model has been redesigned and is easier to use than ever. The on/off button is now on the top of the handle for your convenience, and it also used to be close to the base of the model.

You will love that all the buttons and knobs are at the top of the vacuum, so you don’t have to adjust anything.

Furthermore, its quick-drying power gets the water up quickly so you can get back to using your floors in minutes.

Easy to Assemble and Dis-assemble

The vacuum is easy to assemble, and dis-assemble. Bear in mind that the handle needed to be pushed down more than it was, otherwise it will be nothing happened when you drove the button on.

Overall, it is mainly for dry spills and wet pick up, without hassle. At its price, it is entirely affordable for residential use or commercial use.

With a Floormate hard floor cleaner by Hoover, you won’t need your brooms and mops anymore and say goodbye to hands-and-knees scrubbing.