HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter Air Purifier air directly provides the highest level of particle capture at 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size. You can catch a lot of things when you don’t let things that small or more significant get back into your air supply.

I for one know that seeing those little dust particles floating in front of my eye is annoying, and I try not to think about breathing them in because it just makes terrible thoughts.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

Now you must remember that not all High-Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA Filter is the same. Some are just copies by the companies that sell the air purifiers they go. Now they have provided a True HEPA line for some brands. That because they want to show that theirs is the real deal and not a copy.

I guess the copyright is a bit weak since this was developed in World War II by the Atomic Energy Commission. Of course, we do not use it to remove radioactive particles from our air.

However, it was initially made to prepare for just that possibility back then. Now when you think about us making something good enough to stop nuclear particles, then you are talking high quality.

Hepa Filter Information

I have already told you a bit of information about the air purifier HEPA filter, but there is a bit more information that you will probably want to know before you make your purchase.

Most of these allergy air filters that many people buy them for have a large number of fiberglass fibers going through them that are slight. Each particle travels through the air filter and eventually hits a point where it cannot flow freely and gets trapped, and then it just thickens from theirs.

These effects work for solid and gas molecules. Gas molecules do not go quickly with an air purifier HEPA filter. Thta is because of their nature and ability to morph shape drastically. A HEPA air cleaner depends on other particles blocking gas molecules. Of course, HEPA was never intended to stop gas molecules well.

Another type of HEPA air filter you may want to know about is the Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA), which stops 99.999% of particles down to 0.12 microns.

As you can see this is for particles 2x smaller than what HEPA can catch 99.97% of the time. Low and behold there are upgrades to ULPA as well that can stop 99.9999% of particles down to 0.12 microns (Super ULPA) and 99.99999% (Ultimate ULPA).

Unfortunately, you will have an almost impossible time finding these for a standard room air purifier. These are made for industrial size HVAC system that service computer labs, clean rooms, hospitals, etc…

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

HEPA and ULPA are the same things, but not for the air purifier world. I am not sure why ULPA moves into the room air purifier market. But I am probably going to think it has something to do with the price.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus has the HYPER HEPA air filter that is an upgraded version of TRUE HEPA. It stops 99.5% of particles down to 0.03 microns. It prevents particles 0.27 microns smaller than what TRUE

HEPA is capable to do that. I know it is hard to keep up with all these particle sizes, and sometimes I have a hard time myself when I am writing these articles, but this knowledge will help you pick the best HEPA Filter Air Purifier filter for your needs.

HEPA-Like and HEPA-Type Air Filters

Something I want to talk really to you about are all the fakers out there in the air purifier world. A lot of manufacturers like to throw the term “HEPA” out there and hope you don’t read between the lines.

These lines state that these are not TRUE HEPA Filter Air Purifier, and if they aren’t true, they aren’t worth anything to you. The U.S. government made these companies change their terminology. Just to say HEPA-like and HEPA-type to key into consumers that these were not the HEPA air filters they hear about from people.

It is my duty to inform you, so you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing a HEPA Filter Air Purifier. If you see an air purifier you want, and it has this terminology on it, you should avoid it.

On that note, it would mean you didn’t listen to my suggestions, which is disheartening. To get the best results you need to buy the best. Going the cheap route will waste your money in the air purifier world.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

The critical thing is to remember that these types of air filters only filter about 90% of particles. Also, it does so down to 1 micron in size. Honestly, this is the most you could hope for from one of these replicas, and that isn’t good enough when it comes to filtering your air.

You should focus on real HEPA Filter Air Purifier filters and the air purifiers that provide them. Any other air purifier HEPA Filter Air Purifier other ULPA alternatives will not be adequate.

Air Purifier HEPA Filter Conclusion

HEPA Filter Air Purifier cleaning devices scientifically proven the highest efficiency in removing particles.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier devices will significantly reduce indoor air pollution and the ensuing haze risk if appropriately operated. However, those devices are cost-intensive not only in the purchase but also in maintenance (power, filter change).