Harman Kardon BT

Harman Kardon Headphones

Harman Kardon Headphones are over the ear block headphones in the mid-level price range. Harman Kardon Headphones are substantially identical to a previous Harman Kardon entry, the CL series. The crucial difference is Harman Kardon Headphones wireless capability. So let’s begin the Harman Kardon Headphones review with reactions and specs.

Harman Kardon Headphones

Harman Kardon BT

Harman Kardon Headphones Features

AAC and aptX Wireless Coding

BT headphones employ AAC (used by Apple) and apt-X coding to ensure wireless audio performance from Bluetooth-equipped devices

Passive Playback Mode

BTs let you enjoy continuous playback even when the battery dies. Just connect them to the playback device using a supplied bypass cable. This fact makes BTs compatible with in-flight entertainment systems

Optimized Driver System

40mm drivers produce a frequency response of 16Hz to 20kHz, wide dynamic range, and high sound-pressure levels. As a result, BT headphones deliver accurate sound and extended bass response

Sonic Clarity at Low Volume Levels

The BTs’ acoustic engineering and passive noise reduction mean that you can hear music and other audio content clearly at low volume levels so that you can enjoy all the music definition without all the volume – and that’s safer for your ears

User-Interchangeable Metal Bows and Self-Adjusting Housings

BT headphones come with two headband bows (small and large) to optimize fit and improve acoustic performance.

Steel hinges enable the housings to swivel in two dimensions. This  feature enhances comfort and maintains an ideal acoustic seal around the ear

Harman Kardon Headphones

Harman Kardon BT

Slow-Retention Foam

Foam in the ear pads contributes to the BT headphones’ passive noise reduction and extended bass response. The slow-retention foam helps maintain an acoustic seal around the ear, which keeps outside noises out and also keeps the listener’s music from disturbing others

USB Rechargeable

BT users can charge the headphones on the go with a supplied USB cord, which eliminates the need for batteries or an extra charger

2D Folding Mechanism

The BT ear cups fold flat when they’re not in use, making the headphones easier to transport and store in the included carrying case

Harman Kardon Headphones Pros and Cons


• When corded, the Harman Kardon Headphones offer top of the line sound quality, unparalleled at its price point.

• Materials are sturdy and sleek, with minimum reports of spontaneous breakage or headphone malfunction.

• This headset has excellent compatibility with all devices tested, and there was no lag. The actual Bluetooth range was much higher than the manufacturer reported, over 100 feet.

Harman Kardon Headphones

Harman Kardon BT


• Like most wireless earcup headphones, the controls for volume are on the earphones themselves. This feature makes changing the sound while listening relatively unwieldy until you get the hang of it. The design doesn’t necessarily lend itself to use during physical activity.

• The music is much better when connected via wire, especially the mids and bass. This “benefit” has a downside, however. Some users report cord noise during headphone movement.

• The boxy headphones take a brief period of user accommodation, mainly because of their square instead of circular fit. Individuals with smaller ears may have difficulty retaining a suction.

Summary Harman Kardon Headphones

The Harman Kardon Headphones are some of the best Bluetooth headphones for their stylish design and long battery life. If you can work with a shorter wireless range, other features such as the detachable cable, folding design and on-ear mic and remote make this set convenient to use.