GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver , the brand is set to take their product once again to the next level. For those of you who are unknown with the device, a GoPro Hero4 Silver is a camera recording system mounted directly on the body, usually the head.

The device allows you to record all the action whether you’re just pedaling along on your bike or doing something more extreme like rock climbing or hang-gliding. Let’s go over the GoPro Hero4 Silver and see what sets it apart.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver


The GoPro4 Hero Silver is a high-end variant of the GoPro brand of products. This new concept has been created to be ultra-compact which is a huge bonus since you don’t want a bulky camera on your head throwing off your balance when you’re doing something like skiing or riding a motorcycle. As the name implies, this model is silver and exhibits a very sleek, striking look.

The exact dimensions of the product are 9.72 x 4.09 x 4.02 inches, and it weighs only one pound due to its ultra lightweight design. Just to be clear, the smaller, lighter design doesn’t mean this model has fewer features. In fact, this is the first model to feature the new LCD touch display for enhanced ease of use.


The GoPro4 Hero Silver may be small and light, but it still packs in a ton of useful features. Here is a quick list of what it has to offer.

Durable Waterproof Design

Perfect for the most extreme outdoor activities, this model is made to be extra durable as well as waterproof up to 40 meters underwater.


This feature allows you to have a ton of control over the video footage you shoot and photos you take. It essentially gives you manual control over the color, ISO limit, exposure, and other similar functions.


This model is compatible with all 60+ GoPro mounts and can be installed in a vast variety of ways both on your body and elsewhere.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver

Night Photo Lapse

Exposure settings can be customized up to 30 seconds and time lapse photos can be set as well.

Auto Low Light

Taking pictures or recording video at night has never been easier thanks to this feature which automatically adjusts frames for enhanced low light performance.

GoPro App and Software

The SmartRemote app lets you control the device remotely as well as upload and share footage.

Built-in WiFi + Bluetooth

Works with the app and software to enable enhanced connectivity and content sharing.

High-Performance Audio

The new audio system promotes high fidelity audio capture at close to 2x the dynamic range.

Quick Capture

Now you can turn the device on and start recording with the press of a single button. Handy for capturing those fleeting moments.

Selectable FOV

Choose from Narrow, Medium, and Ultra Wide to ensure you’re capturing the action at the right perspective.

Built-in Touch Display

Do everything from adjusting your settings to reframing your shots with the easy-to-use touch display.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver

Powerful, Fast Photo Capture

Capture incredible high-quality photos and video at 12MP and 30 FPS.

Improved Camera Control

Navigation has been redesigned to make controlling the camera faster and easier than ever.


This model offers the world’s most immersive wide-angle view style.

Video Quality

The GoPro Hero4 Silver has a ton of features, but one of the things that make it stand out, in particular, is its high-quality video capture capabilities. Thanks to its enhanced sensors, this model can produce extremely sharp, professional quality video and photos. In fact, it outperforms even the best selling GoPro units.
The video is captured at 1080p60 quality but can also use a very high resolution/frame rate of 720p120 and 960p100 for high-quality slow-motion playback. The camera feature takes 12MP pics at 30 FPS.

Light and Sound

As mentioned in the features section, this model also functions very well at night thanks to the auto low light feature. This feature basically changes the frames depending on lighting conditions to ensure that photos and video are always captured at the highest quality possible. You can even move between light and dark areas without having to adjust your camera settings.

One of the amazing things about the new audio system is that it features a best-in-class audio algorithm. This ensures that your videos captured with the best sound possible in all situations. Also thanks to the new microphone, the device gets close to 2x the dynamic range. It should also be mentioned that thanks to the 3.5mm mic adapter the device is compatible with a variety of external microphones.


The battery life of the GoPro4 Hero Silver isn’t as long as some would like but it gets the job done in most cases. The device can be charged via a USB connection to your computer or through the use of a wall charger bought separately. The video screen display times out during use to help conserve battery power. The product comes with one lithium ion battery, but if you find the battery life to be too short, you can purchase additional battery packs.


The types of accessories you get with the GoPro4 Hero depends on the bundle you purchase. The standalone version comes with just the camera and battery; you’ll need to buy the mount, memory card, and other accessories separately.

The good news is that there are reasonably priced bundle packs available, such as the Extreme Bundle, Moto Bundle, and Music Bundle, that you can purchase that come with a variety of applicable accessories.


Great video and photo quality

Simple yet sophisticated

Vivid touchscreen

Highly stable Wi-Fi


Battery life is limited

Some issue with pixels

Issue in handling bright, direct light

Little expensive