GoPro HERO plus LCD

GoPro HERO plus LCD

The GoPro HERO plus LCD is an exclusive launch of GoPro that gives excellent access to the customers as compared to the other models and also changes the way of recording or publishing content. It has a combined touchscreen that is hard to find in many cameras. All the new functionalities of GoPro HERO plus LCD action camera work awesome. You can easily mount it on your head to capture all the moments with your viewpoint. You can also stick it in the car or bike at the time of doing vehicle-related sports or actions.

You can freely enjoy all the activities like snowboarding, wing walking, skydiving, bungee jumping, heliboarding, etc. It can also be used to record beautiful landscapes.





The design of the GoPro HERO plus LCD is a little bit different from the previous models. Many new and advanced technologies used in the manufacturing of this camcorder that makes it popular among the masses. It has a weight of 127 (4.48 oz), and the dimension is 2.8 x 1.4 x 2.8 inches.

It looks good in black color and completely housed in a cover. The housing can’t be removed. The size is perfect for all the adventures like skiing, deep diving, river rafting, mountain biking, etc.


All the information about the camera is evaluated by its features as tell everything about the device you are going to invest in. The HERO+ LCD has many outstanding features that are given below.

Built-in touch display


For accurate framing, you can preview the shots. The touchscreen allows you to navigate the menu and quickly choose the setting according to your convenience.



 The ultra-wide lens of this action camera captures you and yours surrounding in every shot. It can be played on a widescreen. Due to this feature, you will get an engaging and classy result all the time.



Video trimming

With this built-in function, you can edit the videos and share it on the social networking sites. Video can be trimmed and saved in the camera; you can also keep the content on your PC.


 It has a single button that can turn your camera on and starts recording automatically. It captures the photos quickly.

Hi-Light Tag


This feature allows you to mark the key moments and playback at the time of recording. With this, you can find the content quickly for editing or sharing.

Versatile Capturing


The 8MP camera captures everything with a great result. You can use the burst mode for fast actions as it captures five pictures in a second while the time-lapse mode used to capture photos after a certain interval (0.5 to 60 seconds).

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth


 With the convenience of an inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth, you can connect to the remote control and GoPro app. This app allows you to use your phone as a remote control to operate the camera. The GoPro app permits you to share the content on Facebook, and other sites. The GoPro Studio is the place to watch and share your videos.



Automatic low-light mode


 Not every action camera can capture the moments in low-light, but this action camcorder has an automatic mode that adjusts itself according to the light. You don’t need to set it manually.
Inbuilt microphone – The internal microphone works well and records clear audio. For low-speed activities, the audio capture enhances by the skeleton backdoor.

All-in-one design

 This action camera has a rugged body with an inbuilt housing that keeps the device safe from dirt, dust, and moisture. The housing also makes it waterproof and can easily go 40m deep in the water without getting damaged. You can take it in all your sports and capture all your moments.



While purchasing an action camera, the first things arise in our mind is related to the recording and capturing quality. No matter how good the camera looks, even the price doesn’t count; the only thing people want is the immaculate result. This camcorder is perfect to meet all your needs. The video quality is superb with limited resolutions that can be used according to the requirement of the actions.

You can record the videos with 1080p at 60 fps and 720p at 60 fps. The picture quality is also excellent with an 8MP resolution. It permits you to capture all the moments and also adds life to all the shots.


For perfect light, it has an automatic low light mode that senses the environment and automatically adjusts according to the light. You can go on for any action at any time without worrying about the dark and bright lights. Plus, it captures all the videos and photos in excellent quality.

With all the perfect features, it can record quality sound. It avoids all the distortions and only records crystal clear audio. The built-in microphone works pretty well.



The HERO+ LCD has an inbuilt battery that means you cannot replace it for longer actions. The battery of this camcorder works ideal for two hours or maybe more if you remove the extra BacPacs while recording your moments. Some people are satisfied with the battery life, but a few considers it a con.

To prolong the life of the battery, the best solution is to purchase a battery BacPac. The function of the BacPac is that it doubles the life and gives more recording time to the user. It is connected at the back of the battery. You can recharge the battery via USB port.



Buyers are always pleased to get good accessories out of the box. The included components are designed and packed in the parcel to provide you comfort and make your work easy. The added items are quick release buckle, curved adhesive mount, skeleton backdoor, flat adhesive mount, touch backdoor and USB cable.

All the included attachments are very useful that gives you a great experience. There are many other accessories that you might like. You can purchase all such items separately. It supports an SD card up to 64 GB, the more capacity you have, the more you can click.

The good news is that there are reasonably priced bundle pack available, such as the GoPro HERO+ LCD Starter Bundle that you can purchase that come with a variety of applicable accessories.



1.   Excellent Video Quality up to 4K

2.  Navigation Menu is improved

3.  Touch Screen


1.  Short Battery Life

2.  Expensive