GoPro HERO 3+ Black

GoPro HERO 3plus

GoPro HERO 3plus Black is the best product of GoPro with several excellent and improved facilities. The previous models are also good, but if you compare the qualities of this action camera to the predecessors, then you will see the variation.

People prefer to buy this camcorder to record their moments with perfect pixels. This cam is the improved and advanced version of Hero 3 black. So, it not only has all the features of that camera. But this GoPro HERO 3plus is manufactured with the latest and on-demand technology to meet the users need.

The lightweight design makes it easy for all the users to wear it on the head and mount it on the car or bike. It records every action of yours in a facile manner with excellent resolution. It gives a good representation irrespective of the type of activities you do.

GoPro HERO 3+ Black


The design of this action camcorder is similar to the previous model. This device is highly compact and portable with a smarter technology. It is slimmer and attractive than the former with a sleek look. If we look at the design of this camcorder, it is the best device so far.

The lightweight camera is much in demand as a bulkier one can disturb your activities. It has a weight of 635g with the dimension of 8 x 5.1 x 7.6 cm. It is perfect for all the outdoor activities including mount climbing, underwater diving, hunting, ice skating, bike riding, car racing, etc.


The best offerings of the action camera can be found in the features as it informs what you will get for the money. Here’s the list of features of this outstanding camcorder.

GoPro HERO 3+ BlackSuperview

It has a function that converts the video of 4:3 to 16:9. It gives you a wider view when you play it on the TV or PC.

Protune – This mode allows you to capture cinema calibre videos with tremendous quality and soft colors. The post-production editing becomes easy as this feature permits you to control it. You can choose the wide, ultra-wide, and narrow FOV setting.

Automatic low light mode

With all the improved features, it also has the auto low-light mode that works perfectly fine even in the darker areas and provides an excellent resolution.

Shockproof and waterproof

The high-speed activities damage the camera, but this device manufactured with a rugged material that makes it shockproof. The housing makes it waterproof and can protect the camera from moisture up to 40m in the sea.

Looping Video

It continuously captures the video and also saves space on the memory card.

GoPro app

The app has many options that make the controlling smooth. You can also view the videos and share the content on the social networking sites. With the GoPro Studio, you can upload your moments on the site to share it with the world.

GoPro HERO 3+ Black

Built-in WiFi

It is four times faster than other cameras, and you don’t need to connect the WiFi BacPac. It allows you to see the videos, photos and also shares the content. Remote control included for controlling the WiFi from a distance of 180m.

Photo Capturing mode

All the capturing modes of this camera shot perfect photos. For faster action, burst mode is the best as it captures ten pictures in a second. You can also set the number of shots from 3, 5, 10 in a second depends on the action you do. For time-lapse mode, you can adjust the interval to 0.5 seconds to a minute.

Improved audio

It has an inbuilt wind noise reduction technology that avoids all types of distortions and records clear and high-quality sound.

Spot meter

It permits you to capture photos with a bright mode in the dark. It is a new feature that is not offered by many other cameras.


The robust construction of this action camera makes it durable. The housing that comes with the camera prevents it from dust and moisture, which also increases the life of the cam.


The GoPro HERO 3plus Black provides the various resolution settings that add a special effect to all the videos you capture. The resolution includes 1080p at 60 fps, 960p at 100 fps, 720p at 120fps, 1440p at 48 fps, 4k at 15fps, 2.7k at 30 fps, WVGA at 240 fps. All these resolutions work great for different situations.

The camera captures photos at 5MP, 7MP, and 12 MP. Every photo you capture will give a tremendous result with a professional touch. The most important thing that people check before the purchase is the capturing quality of the action camcorder.


Perfect light and sound is another important aspect of any camera that should be of top-notch quality. The Hero 3+ Black is a great purchase for every person who loves action. It gives a perfect light in all the situations, whether you are capturing the scenes in water, daylight, or nighttime.

The spot meter gives you the access to capture the photos and videos outside the car video compromising the quality.

The quality of sound in this action camcorder is just perfect for all the outdoor activities. With the high-quality video, the audio should also be perfect. Otherwise, the content will look like crap that’s why the GoPro integrated the advanced technology in this camcorder that gives great sound.


It has an improved battery, and the manufacturer claims that it is 30% better than the previous model that gives an extended recording time. The battery quickly gets drained when the WiFi is on. It is recommended to keep the WiFi off when you are planning to go for the activity.

It perfectly works for 3 hours in a day, and if you are going to need the more battery life to record all day long adventures, then you can purchase extra batteries and a battery BacPac as it doubles the life that lasts longer.


The included items of this action camera have all the things that are essential to the needs of the users. The box contains a waterproof housing, a lithium-ion battery with high capacity, USB charging cable, WiFi remote, 3-way pivot arm, flat adhesive mount, quick release buckle, and curved adhesive mount.

The SD card is an important thing to enhance the storage capacity of the cam. The camera supports a card up to 64 GB, but it not included in the box. This camera is compatible with all the mounts of GoPro.

HERO3+ Pros and Cons

Adventure, GoPro reduced in size and weight of the camera by 20% in comparison to the old HERO3, and 25% skipped the camera weight.


  • Improved Image Quality.
  • Battery life is improved.
  • SuperView Mode.


  • Little Expensive.
  • External Mic requires an adapter.