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FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones


The Zn30’s have powerful bass that does not wash out the mids and highs. Included is the Tectonic fit kit has a variety of fins, cushions hooks, and clips. This kit will help you find the perfect fit for noise isolation, fuller sound and, most importantly, staying in your ear while running or bicycling. Flat cables are designed to keep from tangling while the buds resist dampness from sweating. A rugged construction plus a three-year warranty on the Zn30’s is the ultimate testament to their guarantee of performance and longevity. These buds will last.

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

Zinc Construction

The FSL Zinc in ear monitors not only look and sound great, but they are durable enough to withstand all the rigors of everyday use. The premium grade electroplated zinc alloy resists corrosion, dampness, and extreme temperatures.

Proper fit

Includes lots of extras including ear tips, ear fins, foam ear tips, dual flanged ear tips, ear hooks, clip, and case. All these extras are helpful to me. I have a chance to test out which type of ear setup works best for me, which I will only be certain about through more experience with each type of ear set. The ear hooks appeal to me because traditionally ear hooks through their over-the-ear positioning have limited microphonics, sounds made by the jostling of the wires. The varying sizes of ear tips appeal to me because my ear canals aren’t the same size, as is the case with lots of people. The selection allows one to get a good fit that will also block out the most exterior noise.

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

Produces detailed sound

Has enough bass for me unless I’m listening to music that requires lots of basses, but I’m usually listening to audiobooks. In-ears have bass these days, but not like a good speaker subwoofer set. Good in-ears, like these, produce clear enough detail that I feel the sound is inside my head. Sensitivity for this unit is 96dB. Frequency response is 20-20,000 Hz. Speaker diameter is 8mm.

Reduced microphonics

Microphonics are the sounds produced when the wires of the in-ear headphones are jostled and knocked. I had no trouble with this issue using the Zn in-ears.


There are volume controls on the wire. Also, in between the volume up/down controls, there is a multifunction button (MFB). I’m not going to use the MFB for my reasons, yet some will appreciate this capability.

Natural Noise Cancellation

With the frequent intrusion of sounds of the outside world, noise-cancellation is necessary for anyone who commutes, travels or spends time outdoors. The FSL Zinc, along with the Tectonic Fit Kit, naturally blocks out up to 60% of unwelcome sounds and all without power hungry technology. Unlike other expensive noise-cancelling devices, the Zinc makes use of passive noise cancellation, which means that added technology does not compromise sound quality.

In addition, unlike earphones and headphones that use active noise cancellation techniques, with the FSL Zinc, there is no increase in sound pressure on the eardrum from the noise canceling generated sound waves. The FSL Zinc provides a safer, more convenient, and in some cases more efficient way to cancel out external noise.

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

FSL Zinc Zn30 Headphones

Tangle-Free Cable and Hard Case

Traveling with the FSL Zinc is convenient and hassle free. Users no long have to battle unruly headphones or worry about losing accessories. These earphones feature a flat, tangle-free cable for ease of use. Although virtually indestructible, The FSL Zinc also comes with a hard case for added protection plus a place to store all the added accessories so users can stay organized.

What’s in the Box?

Four pairs of silicone tips (XS, S, M, L)

A pair of double flange tips

A pair of expanding foam tips

Three sizes of ear fins for extra grip in the ear

Ear hooks for those who want to wear over the ear

Cord Shirt Clip

Hard carrying case

zn30 pack


-Powerful bass balanced with superb mid and high-end detail

-Made of premium quality galvanized zinc alloy, these headphones are so   robust they’ll never fall apart

-Includes four pairs of silicone tips (XS, S, M, L), a pair of double flange  tips, a pair of expanding foam tips, three sizes of ear fins for extra grip in  the ear and ear hooks for those who want to wear over the ear

–Noise isolating for natural noise cancellation

-Tangle-free cable, hard case included 3 years no hassle warranty.


Overall, I would recommend these earbuds for those who are looking for In-Ear Monitors that are inexpensive, but rugged and secure enough for heavy exercise and bicycling.