Finding a Good Beginner Surf Spots

Learning to find a right surf spot is a crucial ingredient if you are a beginner. Small soft waves and sandy beach are the keys. You would not want to start your surfing career in the pipeline!

Ingredients for a right beginner surf spot

  • Relatively quiet, you want some security people around, but not in a crowd, or if you want.
  • Sand much more comfortable on the feet and skis, especially for beginners.
  • Silent wave collapse does not try to learn to surf where the waves are very steep and hollow.
  • In some areas, it is difficult to find a wave collapses, but it’s worth a little research.
  • Big-sand, it is essential to be able to Wade and lines of white water to capture in the beginning, so try a sandbar to find a nice big knee to waist deep water.

What you need when you choose a surf spot

  • Do not go where experienced surfers. You will only get in the way of creating dangerous situations, and all the nerves.
  • If you are very new, make sure there is at least a few people around. Sometimes you can surf near a lifeguard, but not to surf between the flags lifeguard.
  • Watch out for surfing restrictions in some areas. In some surf spots, you can not surf at certain times of the day.
  • Do not surf the shore break; it can be very dangerous!