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Ergo Baby Performance Carrier


There are many features users of the Ergo Baby Performance Carrier speak highly about such as how durable it is, that this carrier is 1/3 lighter than the standard Ergo baby carrier, has a outer layer that repels water making it ideal for use during outdoor activities and that it is designed with breathable mesh lining which helps keep the baby and adult cool when the carrier is worn in warmer climates.

Ergo baby Carrier

Ergo baby Carrier

This carrier comes with an infant insert for newborns and can be used for infants up to 40 lbs. The design of the Ergo Performance carrier provides extra protection against the weather elements and the contoured shoulder straps are designed for comfort and to keep the baby close to the body of the wearer.

Ergo Baby Performance Carrier Features and Specifications

-It measures 12″ x 4.2″ x 10″

-It weighs approximately 2.3 pounds

-It is durable and lightweight with breathable fabric

-It has water repellent outer layer that is ideal for outdoor activities

-It has breathable mesh lining to keep babies and parents cooler as well as comfortable

-It can accommodate babies up to 40 pounds

Ergo baby Carrier

Ergo baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Performance Carrier Review

Reviewers of the Ergo baby Performance carrier often remark about the versatility of this carrier for allowing for different positions such as carrying the baby on the hip, front or back instead of always carrying the baby up front especially when the child grows and is heavier the front position may not always be the most comfortable place.

An added benefit of this carrier over other similar models is that this one has zipper pockets for bringing along keys, cell phone or a wallet. This carrier comes with an extended waistband making it unnecessary to spend the money purchasing a waist extender. The Performance Carrier is designed to take the pressure off of back, neck and shoulders of the person wearing it so this is a perfect carrier for older babies.

Ergo performance baby carrier

The Ergo Baby Performance Carrier comes highly recommended by most of the individuals who have purchased it because of its versatility, durability, weight distribution and multiple carrying positions. It is not as bulky as the original Ergo baby carrier.

Ergo baby Carrier

Ergo baby Carrier

It is designed for the comfort of the person wearing it both at the shoulder and waist. It avoids the back pain experienced with other carriers and can accommodate heavier babies. The reviews often state that it is a perfect carrier for using when outdoors in different weather elements, for hiking with a baby, long walks or when shopping and doing other chores.

When all of the benefits are added up, the price of the Ergo performance fades in comparison to what a great and necessary baby equipment a carrier such as this becomes over when considering that it can be used from the newborn stage all the way through older much heavier toddlers.