Dewalt DCK955X

18 Volt XRP Cordless 9 Tool Combo Kits

If you are searching nine tools combo kit including compact drill/drivers, circular saw, Impact driver and reciprocating saw and more, maybe Dewalt DCK955X can meet your needs.

DCK955X is the 18 Volt Cordless XRP 9 combo kits. What features that offered and what do include in this Dewalt Combo Kit? To know more about its features, please read my writing about the De walt DCK955X below, who knows it is by your criteria in searching the best nine tools combo kit for your works.

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

You need to know, when it happened first released, this 9 Tools Combo Kit does price around $1836. And the good news, at to date, its price has gone down at around $719 and probably it will continue to go down as time goes.

Dewalt DCK995X is the almost complete and versatile tools that do need in professional contracting jobs or your DIY projects. It consists of nine high-performance different tools and two contractor bags for saving all tools that provided. The nine different devices that offered by DCK995X are: DCD950 18 V XRP 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill

Dewalt DCD950 XRP is designed to meet the professional end user needs in a high-performance hammer drill for finishing a full range application with maximum result. It provides three-speed transmissions that you can select appropriate with your needs. With two collar design, it allows you to transition between three different speeds without changing the clutch setting.

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DC385 is the reciprocating saw that designed for allowing you easy cut various materials. It features keyless blade clamps that allow you change blades quickly without touching the reciprocating shaft or blade.

DC390 18-Volt 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

Dewalt DC390 is the high-performance 18-volt circular saw. It features 6 1/2 inch carbide blades that allow you to make a cutting a 2×4 material at 45 degrees in a single pass.

The DC825 18-Volt Impact Driver

Dewalt DCD950 is also containing high-performance impact driver Dewalt DC825. It is ideal to rest used for cabinet installer, steel frames, deck builder, and more variety professional jobs.

DC330 18-Volt Jig Saw

For easy and quick use, the lever action of DC330 18 Volt moves made from metal that moves designed with a keyless blade change.

DW059 18-Volt 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench

Dewalt DW059 is the high torque impact wrench that provides up to 300 ft per pounds.

DC411 18-Volt Cut off Tool

Dewalt DC411 is the cutoff tools that provide high power for grinding and cutting applications with rotation speed up to 6500 R.P.M.

DC550 18-Volt Cut-Out Tool

DC550 is the 18 Volt Cut Out Tool from Dewalt. With a tool-free bit change that allows you to quick bit change, so you can use it flexible enough for any situation.

DW919 18-Volt Flexible Floodlight

Finally, Dewalt DCK955X contains Flexible Floodlight DW919 that provides hands-free use.

These are the nine different tools that are offered by Dewalt DCK995X. With DCK995X tools, you don’t need to buy separately every tool.

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

Dewalt DCK955X

Combo kit

What are the professional workers who have purchased and used this Dewalt combo kit talking about the performance of each tool of DCK995X? You want to know, according to its high average rating that given by people who have written about Dewalt DCK955X at some merchant that sell this combo kit, most of them are very satisfied with its performance. So if you are searching nine tools combo kit for helping you to finish your jobs with the maximum result, you should consider it as your choice.

For more convincing about its performance or whenever you want to read right what they talk about its performance, please click here to read Dewalt DCK955X from the people who have purchased and used this 18 V Dewalt Combo Kit.

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