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Hammer Short Sleeve

The Hammer Short Sleeve Series Springsuit maintains exceptional styling, fit and unrestricted movement with 100% Super Stretch materials. Men’s O’Neill Hammer Short Sleeve Springsuit (Black) Product Information of Men’s O’Neill Hammer Short Sleeve Springsuit 100% Fluid Flex Neoprene-Superior Fit. Double Rolled Smooth Skin Neck Closure. Smooth Skin Chest and Back Panels. Seamless Paddle Zones Underarm. Flatstitch Construction. Feathers of Men’s O’Neill Hammer Short Sleeve Springsuit Body: 100% UltraFlex DS 2mm. Chest/Back: Ultraflex Smooth Skin. Double Superseal Neck. 10 YKK Zipper Flatloc Stitched: Breathable...
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Classic Longboard Surfboard

Wavestorm 8′ Classic Longboard surfboard Organic Water Color Anniversary Edition. Classic Longboard Surfboard are the original and the first variety of board used in standup surfing. Since the sixth century, the ancient Hawaiians used 8 to 30 feet (2.4 to 9.1 m) wooden boards in the exercise of their ancient art of Joe Nalu it. Surfing was brought to Hawaii by Polynesians and has since become popular worldwide. The old plates are cut and formed from solid wood, reaching lengths...
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