ION Air Pro Lite

Ion Air Pro Lite Wifi Full HD Action Camcorder

The Ion Air Pro Lite Wifi Full HD Action Camcorder has a definite advantage over its opponents.  It is also straightforward to use with a slide switch used for instant recording. Once you mount on your helmet, you can use it with gloves immediately. It is waterproof by default where different cameras require separate housing for waterproofing. Also, it has a great battery life and is very rugged. Overall it is an excellent action camera with a nice balance between the performance, features, and price.

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Go Pro Hero

GoPro Hero

GoPro is the most reputable action camera used by professional videographers and sports enthusiasts. The GoPro Hero is hands down the best choice in the Under $150 category as not only you get a waterproof camera that can go very deep but also allows you to enter into the GoPro Ecosystem from where you can upgrade if need be. In short, it is a clear winner and the most sensible choice.

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air purifiers

Air Purifier For Smokers

People can have allergies, asthma, cancer or lung diseases that make these air purifier for smokers essential to the quality of their life. You also want to use the home air purifier for smokers if you have tobacco haze, dangerous VOCs (formaldehyde, pesticides, radon, asbestos, combustible, paint, etc.) bacteria and mould inside your house or business.

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