The Contour2 does especially read for the fun enthusiasts. The camcorder is ideal for the people who use more time in various activities so as bungee active, wildlife safari, peak trekking, skiing, rafting, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, also parasailing.

It gives all the great reasons to buy this camcorder also start collecting memories. You can easily share your contact with your friends and families.

It can facilely stay mounted on your helmet, car, bike, or surfboard. Here does one of the best wearable camcorders and available at a reasonable cost of the Contour 2.


It has a lipstick tube-like construction formed of solid material. It has a diameter of about 1 inch with a pipe of length 4 bits. It is a failure device that is easy to do. The weight of this camera is about 145g by one dimension from 2.38 x 1.31 x 3.88 lengths.

All the buttons and changes in the cameras leave you to press it when needed. The HDMI port, USB port, SD card, and a battery can last seen at the bottom of the device.





Take a look at the features given below:

  • GPS video mapping – It should be a built-in GPS that allows you to track your traveled direction and pace. All these details can be added to the footage and share it with the world.
  • Mobile connectivity – by the convenience of this mobile app, you can use your portable phone as a view display or a remote controller. That should be an inbuilt Bluetooth that permits yourself to check battery and memory state, adjust camera frames, and preview the shots. It also allows you to stream real happy.
  • Immediate on-record switch – The switch reduces the chance of unexpected power on/off during a stunt as it has a locking capacity. There is no key; yourself can start recording by sliding the shift.
  • Laser alignment – The built-in laser permits you to capture erect photos with the aid of a rotating lens.
  • Rotating lens – It offers a turn of 270 degrees that allow you on manually lock the lens to record the footage at this correct point. Now you can mount the camera in any comfortable manner as the rotating lens ensures you capture perfect footage.
  • Full camera – The POV feel can be attached to your videos due to the broad lens of this camera. It order record a complete view of the field of action.
  • External mic – You can attach an external receiver to the jack. With the mobile app context menu, the audio level can do a set, or you can also use author software.
  • Waterproof – It comes with a waterproof covering that protects your camera of the rain. You can go deep in the water up to 60 meters with the device to shoot an underwater work.


This camera offers some excellent video quality with a variety of resolutions that you may select according to the order of the trial. The camcorder offers four different modes that make the video seem real. The first mode is full HD that shows in 1080p by the fps of 30. This mode allows you to take a classic video on the great effect of the Contour2.
The second method is called Tall HD; this has the capability to show at 960p with 30 fps. At HD level mode, you place to capture the footage in 720p at fps of 60 or 30. The following is a passive motion mode that allows you to register WVGA to 120.




The photo resolution of this camcorder is 5 MP as questions large photo.

This camcorder is also ideal for making short movies, blogging, and photo shoots.


There do many speed cameras that go well in sunlight while gives a bad play in the dark data. These cameras are not suitable for all kinds of settings, and you can’t even enjoy each sport at each time as it limits you to schedule all the projects in this daytime. That’s how? Ladies prefer to get a cam that works well in every situation just like Contour +2 speed camera. This article offers a top-notch quality, plus, you don’t need to restrict your activities for each particular event.

As far as sound quality concerned, it should be an internal receiver that records point audio. Furthermore, you can connect an external mic to the device of 2.5mm. It is a fact that many amplifiers use a jack of 3.5mm, you don’t need to worry about it as yourself can convert it to 2.5mm by using a small adapter cable that comes with the camcorder. The audio capturing quality is much great, but it also records the noise while doing bike-related things.


This action camcorder produces a lithium ion battery of 1050 mAh so lasts 2.5 hours at 1080p. You can do many actions in a day, and that camcorder is right there by you to record every moment. Some people required more battery time according to the number of projects they get covered within. However, the battery life is not an issue anymore as it gives a replaceable battery, which expects you can purchase extra packs to replace when needed.

You can recharge the battery as well as the spare packs to record all the stunts and movements quickly. With the help of added batteries, you can enjoy your sports without worrying of the juice of one collection.


After getting aware of the comments and other offerings of this camcorder, you will be glad to know regarding the assistants included in the box as it makes everything uncomplicated. The receptacle of this camcorder contains accessories rechargeable battery, profile position, waterproof case, mic cable, mini HDMI cord, USB cable, and rotating flat outside space.




A 4 GB memory card is also added in the box so you can use it right out of the packing. Although this memory board might not be just for you to record numerous videos, however, it is done to you to buy a different SD card independently to increase the room size. This action camera supports a memory board up to 32 GB. You may also obtain other essential assistants according to your preference.

This action camera supports a memory board up to 32 GB. You may also obtain other essential assistance according to your preference.

The real message is that there do reasonably price bundle packs available, such as the with Flex Position Strap Package that you can buy that come with a variety of appropriate accessories.

A getting expert group video has never been easier. Our top-tier camera is packed with features, created with style, and simple to use.


  • So easy to do
  • Comes including Built-in Bluetooth also Wifi
  • Large Point Video
  • With Contour2 use your Phone as a way finder


  • Short battery life


The Contour2 means individually focused for the games lovers. This camcorder is ideal for the children who use more time in various activities such as bungee active, wildlife safari, mountain trekking, skiing, rafting, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and parasailing.

It gives all the great reasons to purchase this camcorder and start collecting memories. You can easily share your experience with your friends and relatives.

Canon PowerShot A580

Canon PowerShot A580 Digital Camera 8 MP

Canon PowerShot A580

Regular amateurs can produce extraordinary photographs with the astonishing Canon PowerShot A580. This excellent 8.0-megapixel digital camera has a 4x optical zoom and colorful 2.5-inch LCD that perform shooting comfortable and ready.

Product Features of the Canon PowerShot A580:

Canon PowerShot A580 a

Canon PowerShot A580

Feature-packed 8.0-megapixel digital camera with 4x optical zoom:

Photograph the potentialities of this powerful digital camera Canon PowerShot A580. The 8.0-megapixel device allows you produce thoughts of breath-taking organization and luminous intensity that you can publish, increase, yield or email to colleagues and relatives. The Canon 4x optical zoom provides you the strength you need to get in tight and catching particular times — whether they’re arriving at the place or the schoolyard.

2.5-inch LCD screen of the Canon PowerShot A580:

The camera’s 2.5-inch LCD cover provides you the necessary understanding, either you’re shooting, analyzing or displaying off your pictures. This high-resolution screen gives a crisp, bright and vivid representation. It additionally highlights Night Display for simple viewing in low light with the Canon PowerShot A580.

Canon PowerShot A580 b

Canon PowerShot A580

New Easy Mode simplifies operation of the Canon PowerShot A580:

If you’ve nevermore picked up a camera earlier, by Canon’s latest Easy Mode you can get exciting, interesting photographs that will fascinate everybody. When you select Easy Mode, the Canon PowerShot A580 manages all the features in auto mode. It automatically places each camera control comprising the flash to decrease blur and enhance picture quality. So you get images that are vivid, bright and natural simply by pushing a switch. Best of all, you can rest and focus on what counts — your subject.

Selectable Shooting Modes of the Canon PowerShot A580:

With 16 Shot Modes counting 7 Special Scene Modes, you’re available for any shot that arrives.

Enhanced Canon Face Detection Technology:

Canon’s robust Face Detection Technology also gives excellent results with the unique Canon PowerShot A580. The Face Detection Technology maintains to identify faces in a scene, and focus exposure (daylight or flash) plus concentrate upon them. But the Canon PowerShot A580 sums extra: Face Detection WB indicates the camera centers upon faces when measuring white balance for the greatest possible skin aspects. Face Select and Track makes the Canon PowerShot A580 user highlight individual expression between various in a scene, and the camera contemplates on one character, also as people migrate throughout the view. Face Detection Technology is an important contributing part in Canon’s latest Motion Detection Technology.

Canon PowerShot A580 C

Canon PowerShot A580

Red-eye Correction:

Red-eye Correction presents three alternatives for eliminating red-eye from subjects in flash photos.

– The new Red-eye Correction during shooting identifies and corrects red-eye in human subjects as pictures are taken.
– The Canon PowerShot A580 can be set to detect automatically and correct red-eye throughout the painting playback.
– The user can manually determine any red eyes in a picture while photo playback on the LCD screen, and control the device to eliminate them.