Boogie Ripster Surfboard

The Boogie Ripster Surfboard is a board and a starter’s surfboard all in one. Besides, is a tonne of fun for Boogie Board Surfing.

Product Description


Boogie Ripster SurfboardMade with a durable foam body board with two removable fins, the Wham-O Boogie Ripster Surfboard makes it a multi-use board for Boogie Board Surfing.


The Wham-O Boogie Ripster Surfboard is a classic boogie board for kids and little adults.

With its surfboard shape, foam formation, and fins, also can be used as a beginner surfboard as it glides better than the standard surfboard.


Its Phuzion core and EVA construction guarantees that the Ripster boogie board is waterproof, very light and extraordinarily durable but also soft.

It has surfboard inspired graphics with fibro clad covering. Plus, with its surfboard shape and detachable fins will allow small kids to use it as a skimmer.


The Ripster Boogie Pro surfboard board is 40” large with a surfboard inspired appearance and graphics and has two detachable fins. Do it all device: body board, surf and skim.

The designs vary, and one will ship randomly. From the world-renowned American toy company Wham-O, the makers of the Frisbee, Hula-Hoop and the Superball.

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Product Information

  • 40′ EVA Surfboard.
  • Durable Phuzion Core.
  • Single Removable Fin.
  • Surfboard Inspired Graphics.


Just a toy for Boogie Board Surfing

The pictures somehow managed to deceive my brain into thinking that this was a boogie board/skimboard sized object and that I could have a good time playing around with it. Ah, if only I were two feet tall.

Boogie Ripster Surfboard

The Wham-O Boogie Ripster Surfboard is a piece of foam, wrapped in some laser-printed material (no stomp pad texture or anything of that sort, just a graphic) that is about three feet long, or about 40″.

For what it is, it is custom. As the reviewer wisely said on the “Pro” version (if only I had read that before buying this one): “This is a toy, it’s a pool toy.”

Small waves

This Board is not a surfboard nor a boogie board aka body-board. It is not meant to be out submerged in ocean nor used to catch waves! DO NOT attempt or you can be injured.

This particular board is like a skateboard on the sand. How it works is you only run with the board, drop it onshore (25ft away from water or enough to where water is still atop the sand), and you slide all the way until you hit shore!

Once you run that water, you can do neat tricks and is quite fun!


They should have been more specific and labeled it as “Skim Board.” Either way, this can be confusing! I elect they call them “Sand Boards.”

That would create less confusion and the title in itself should pop the magic question – “Hey, what is a sand board?” WOW! That was easy! I hope this helps you guys out!

Switch it up now and try your hand at some slip-sliding on the sand! Wooohooo! 4 Stars just because the title is confusing for those not experienced in purchasing any surf, water sports product.

Boogie Board Surfing

It is a material covered styrofoam boogie board claimed to be a surfboard.

Removable fins

Luckily it has removable fins on the bottom, and it is a bit longer than a boogie board otherwise my son would not have wanted it for Boogie Board Surfing.

Price Boogie Ripster Surfboard

The description was not specific on these points. For the price, it is excellent and built well.

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