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In this Best Tennis Rackets Reviews, you will be able to Match Your Racket To Your Ability. We all know how deceptive it is to buy a racket and find it wasn’t what we hoped it would be. In this Best Tennis Rackets article, I believe it is best to match people with rackets as opposed to matching people with brands or their favorite tennis players.

After all, what is good for Roger Federer is not necessarily going to be right for every male tennis player, despite how tempting it may be to buy the racket that your idol uses and promotes on the television.

For a lot of players, it just won’t be the right racket, and you will have ended up wasting your money. Proper racket selection depends on narrowing down your choice of tennis racket reviews by considering things like head size, weight, skill level and resultant attributes like maneuverability, feel and power.

Included below are some general recommendations based on your skill level, game style and probably subsequent strengths and weaknesses.

Best Tennis Rackets For Beginner Players

You are classified as an adult beginner tennis player if you weigh in at around the 100 lb. mark. If you are not around that weight, then you are obviously still a kid and should pick up a good kids racket!

In general, as a beginner, it would make sense to choose something that is more forgiving of mistakes that are, a large surface area and sweet spot with decent control to maximise the power and direction of the ball.

Having said that, more athletically muscular or fit beginners might like to consider an intermediate racket that has a better balance of power and control.

You also want to avoid opting for beginner tennis rackets that favour either side of the spectrum. That is, you don’t want a heavy racket with an equally extremely light head, nor do you want an extremely light overall racket that is very powerful. These are intended for advanced players and random players respectively.

Recommended Best Tennis Rackets For Beginner Tennis Players

Head Liquidmetal 4


Head Liquidmetal 4 perfect for beginners and from a recognized and respected brand. If you are going to start somewhere you may as well start there, this racket has numerous positive testimonials, and it is universally acclaimed.


Head Liquidmetal 8

Head Liquidmetal 8 also perfect for beginners but perhaps more weighted towards those tennis players that play the game for a while and outgrow their current racket.


Head Metallix 6

Head Metallix 6 a bit more expensive at around $100 but worth the price, it’s lightweight, has a large sweet spot, and it looks good!

Best Tennis Rackets For Intermediate Players

As you progress through the tennis ranks, you will probably want a racket that has more control and more feel.

Many players in this category will read through tennis racket reviews and choose a racket that will help them improve a particular aspect of their game they tend to be more head heavy than beginner rackets and also slightly longer.

Recommended Best Tennis Rackets For Intermediate Tennis Players

Babolat Pure Drive GT

Babolat Pure Drive GT this racket has a great feel, and it performs surprisingly well for backhands, slices, and volleys. There is also excellent vibration control, and with a tight string pattern, the Pure Drive GT will realize its full potential as an outstanding racket.

Wilson nCode nTour

Wilson nCode nTour two a well-balanced racket that offers great value for money but does come a little stiff out of the box. The K factor line has since surpassed it, but this great is still a great pickup and can be found easily online.

Dunlop Biomimetic

Dunlop Biomimetic a versatile, all-court racket that has carbon in the frame to minimize harsh vibrations and improve feel. This racket is a flexible, light-weight stick but it will set you back around $150-$200.

Best Tennis Rackets For Advanced Players

Advanced rackets are obviously going to be used by professionals or serious amateurs. They have smaller heads and are heavier and more flexible overall.

Power output, as a result, is less than in beginner or advanced rackets so if you can’t quite generate the bulk of your power yet, then please don’t consider buying a racket from this category until you have developed that strength.

Many of the Babolat tennis rackets are great for late-intermediate to advanced level tennis players, as for as some Wilson tennis rackets like the Wilson BLX Six One Tour.

Recommended Best Tennis Rackets For Advanced Tennis Players

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 has lots of different technology to give you that balanced blend of control and power. It also adds extra stability to critical areas of the racket without sacrificing factors like precision.

Prince EXO3 95

Prince EXO3 95 this was the racket of choice for Gael Monfils. This racket is an accuracy racket that pretty much gives you the best of both worlds. You will experience excellent levels of control, power and feel all in the one motion. Good in all areas of the court and highly recommended for 4.5+ players looking for something new.

Head Youtek Speed Pro

Head Youtek Speed Pro another highly versatile racket that allows you to play aggressively from any area of the court. This fact is thanks in part to the round shape of the head and the relatively thin frame that surrounds it. You can be confident in approaching the ball at an attacking angle and it working out for you.

Hopefully, this has given you part of an idea and a starting point for your next purchase. While I do not personally own all of the reviewed rackets, I do aim to provide detailed and helpful tennis racket reviews and research each racket like I am the one who is going to buy it.

Thanks for having a look around and best of luck!