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Bell Howell Ionizer Air Purifier


Bell and Howell is a good company name, but they went a little far when they tried to make air purifiers. This Bell Howell air purifier is not worthy of being used to fix your air quality problem. I cannot recommend something that I don’t believe will work properly for you. I will, however, explain why I feel this way below.

Bell and Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer

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The Bell Howell ionizer air purifier is what you call a filterless air purifier. It does not rely on an HEPA-like the air filter to remove pollutants from the air. I am not saying this is a horrible thing, but they are known for creating ozone, which in large amounts can be harmful to humans. You can read more about this at doing ionic air purifiers work.


You will not find many options and technologies with this super cheap Bell Howell air purifier. The technology within it is pretty basic regarding what it is based on. Many other companies make much better versions of this.

-Speeds – High and Low

-Collector Blades

Bell and Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer

Bell and Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer

Issues with the Bell Howell Ionizer Air Purifier

The problems with the Bell Howell air purifier are more apparent that its performance they have to do even more with the craftsmanship of the actual device. Below, I will list some of the problems you will see if for some reason you purchased this air purifier.

-Broken Power Switch

-Hard To Open Container


-Collector Blade Cleaning

Bell and Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer

Bell and Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer

Broken Power Switch

One of the things that may happen to your air purifier is the malfunction or breaking of the power switch. This has to do with the construction of this device. I can’t explain how it will happen, but many people have had the issue, and nothing has changed as a result. You will have to unplug the thing to turn it off. At least it doesn’t get stuck in “Off Mode”!

Hard To Open Container

When you have to open up the Bell Howell ionizer air purifier to do maintenance work, you will find that it is nearly impossible because of the way it is built. It is truly too hard for a regular user to do, and it should be very simple because it needs to be repeatedly done.


One of the personal problems is the fact that it is a filterless air purifier that creates ozone to clean the air. I am not sure how much, but it does create a certain amount that will need three days to dissipate. It may even make your symptoms worse while just making air pollutants fall to the floor to be pushed back into the air the next time something bumps it.

Funny enough they are allowing such devices to be made to work in your car. Your vehicle is a very small space and the a/c system will blow that ozone right into your face. You smell clean air, but you are sucking in ozone in non normal amounts. It is a personal thing for me, but I just don’t think it is worth the risk.

Collector Blade Cleaning

The most annoying this is the fact that you have to open it and clean the collector blades of dust when they are full. Now you are thinking it is a like a filter, but it is not as big as a filter. Secondly, it will not be apparent when it is full until you notice that your air is bad again or you hear the sound of cracking and popping inside of the machine. Unfortunately, this sound is a product of the blades getting to full.

Cleaning them only takes a little rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, but who wants to do it every 2-4 weeks minimum. That can be quite monotonous and the sound waking you up at night is enough to make you throw your bell howell ionizer air purifier right out the window.