Alpine Ozone Air Purifier

Alpine Ozone Air Purifier

The Alpine Ozone Machine is well known for its fault many people don’t purchase it anymore. This is the best course of action. You can get other better and safer air cleaners to solve your problems.

Ozone in the quantities this emits is too dangerous for humans in great amounts of time. You will be highly susceptible to getting lung-related problems if you do.

Alpine Ozone Machine

Alpine Ozone Air Purifier

Specifications Alpine Ozone Machine

The specifications are rather short because this only does one thing and uses only one technology. In reality, it should be a commercial air purifier that people only use in business environments where humans will not be around for three days so the ozone can dissipate.

These ozone generators have specific purposes, and they should use for that alone. But many people do use them regularly at specified intervals, and that is their choice.

  1. Construction
  2. Controls
  3. Air Ionizer Ozone Purifier
  4. Alpine Ozone Plates

Construction Alpine Ozone Machine

The framework of the Alpine ozone air purifier is pretty simple. It is a small box that sucks in air and expels it out the back through the ozone plates. This fact is a straightforward process and leaves nothing to hide. In simple terms, it is a perfect machine.

The only problem is the amount of space it can cover, but the construction is not something that will concern your interests at all.

Alpine Ozone Machine

Alpine Ozone Air Purifier

Controls Alpine Ozone Machine

The digital and analog controls of the alpine ozone air purifier are a little different. The analog ones are easy to use with a bit of knob, but it seems that it may be easy to break, but it never actually happens.

You get a timer to set the machine to work for, which helps you save energy and see how long you want the engine running when you are not around.

The second part should be to tell you when to come back. After a long weekend would be best. You also get a fan speed knob for the fan that can move at a decent rate if need be depending on the smell issue in your home.

The digital controls are a bit easier to use and should make things a bit better for you to handle. You can set precise times for it to run and you have better control of the fan as well. They integrate both together so they will both stop at the same time.

Air Ionizer Ozone Purifier

The ionization process is pretty cut in stone. The alpine ozone air purifier creates the ozone and lets it out into your home so it can connect with particulates such as dust, pollen, mold spores, odors, smells, and hazardous VOCs.

It is perfect for removes odors, smells, and harmful VOCs. The rest it just collects together until it becomes too heavy to float in the air and falls to the ground.

This fact may sound like a good thing. But once it is on the ground what do you think happens to it. Hopefully, you have a HEPA vacuum cleaner, and it doesn’t get spun up back into the air again to bother you.

Because when you disturb it in some way that is what will happen. The same dust particle will go back up your nose.

Alpine Ozone Plates

Probably the biggest joke with alpine ozone air purifiers is the fact that they have “ozone plates” that act as mini air filters to stop the small amount particulates that get trapped in the air moving through it.

The reason this is so small is that that is how much dust and pollen you can expect to catch within this air cleaner. It might as well not be there. It doesn’t even help the fan and motor last longer by stopping it from clogging full of particulates.

Alpine Ozone Machine

Alpine Ozone Air Purifier

Alpine Ozone Machine Pros and Cons


  1. First, Superior Mold & Mildew Treatment
  2. Second, Great for smoke
  3. Third, Good for treating a room


  1. Network Marketing Products makes price steep
  2. Ozone can harm lungs, especially asthmatics, and sensitive individuals
  3. Moreover, replacement of Uv bulb and plates can make maintenance expensive
  4. VOLLARA HAS CANCELLED any past Alpine Living Air WARRANTY
  5. Finally, Loud on High


If you have dust or pollen allergies, forget this model. The Alpine Living Air Purifier Air Purifiers for Mold will handle occasional problems with mold and mildew.