Alpine Air Purifiers

Alpine Air Purifiers

Alpine Air living air purifiers have somehow gained a bunch of names. It seems everywhere a different company is claiming your air purifier. And you don’t know what to do about it. It seems they are all under former names that do not exist anymore. The Alpine Air Purifier is the one we review today and it comes from Alpine Home Air.

The problem of Alpine Home Air

The problems that go back to 2004 have made these companies collapse, and now they are under a new name that even tries to hide.

Now many people don’t realize why they have to buy old versions to get these air purifiers. The U.S. government shut them down for false claims and for a technology that is harmful to humans at its current strength.

Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine Air Purifiers

A significant conglomerate has purchased the whole group of an eco quest, living air, alpine, and fresh air purification systems. They don’t sell under their name, but will still control all of these air purifiers and their redistribution.

Respiratory issues with Alpine Home Air

You cannot voice enough how much you would like these types of air purifiers. That is because they can cause severe respiratory issues. This fact mainly happens within the young and old because their systems are old or developing and are susceptible to particulates, bacteria, and viruses.

Alpine Home Air purifiers are just enough home size ionic air purifier. It provides a significant amount of ozone in your air, which grabs odors and connects to particulates and joins them until they are too heavy to float, and then they fall to the ground.

Now the funny thing about sending things to the ground is the fact that they can quickly put back into the air. First off you are supposed to be cleaning (filtering) your atmosphere and not just sweeping it under the carpet.

Secondly, you are doing this so you can breathe better. And not ozone. Well, that rainstorm creates excess ozone through the lightning, which also funny enough makes dark matter.

Dark matter is the stuff they think is the god particle and is part of black holes. Would you want to breathe this more than the natural levels contained outside? Probably not.

Alpine Home Air

Alpine Air Purifiers

Benefits Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine Air Purifier reproduces the natural environment outdoors. It is not designed to create a fresh artificial environment. But instead, to make the indoor air purified as natural clean air through circulated purification, disinfection and sterilization to increase anion and ozone.

  1. Eliminates smoke, odors, tobacco smoke.
  2. Reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or any other pollutant with the HEPA FILTER
  3. Removes odors from your home, office, car, boat, RV, etc.
  4. Instantly improves the quality of air indoors.
  5. Helps control additional dust and dander with the ECOHELP
  6. Customizable to your environment using the controls on the front.
  7. Quiet in operation.

Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine Air Purifiers

Current Status Alpine Air Purifier

At this moment, anything bearing the Alpine, Living Air or EcoQuest name is now old news. You may find some new ones by 3rd party sellers, but the majority of them are old units.

It is an ionic air purifier that makes ozone on purpose. If you know this then high, but back in 1999 government regulation didn’t look into ozone hazards. You can read more about this at doing ionic air purifiers work.

You may notice that I shoot down ionic air purifiers because they are better and safer ways to do air purification. Alpine air purifiers, in general, last a long time and work very well for what they do.

What you also may notice is the fact that they cover 1600 square feet in most cases, which makes it a whole house air purifier. Anybody should live in an environment that has that much-concentrated ozone floating around.

Alpine up is there as one of the best for the dollar ozone air cleaners available. It is super high for its size, and if you have a terrible odor that doesn’t disappear, then this will do the trick.

It is especially useful for smokers. You may even notice that it also has a carbon filter within it for fresh smell and odor fighting capacity. Use it when you need it for strong odors but otherwise, leave it off. For smokers, you may notice that the particles will settle on the walls, furniture, and floors, but that is part of the technology.