Alen Air T300 Purifier

Alen Air T300 Purifier

Alen Air Purifier cleaners are the tower version of Alen corporation regular line of air purifiers. They are not the most favorite or strongest like the Alen a350 air purifier. However, many people love the Alen Air Purifier tower models because they are not unsightly, and they can be placed easily in the corner of a room.

The Alen Air Purifier tower models were made to put them in corners or tight spaces. This usually means that they are in a small room that is tight on space.

Along with this made for small places, it is a weaker air purifier. Unlike the Alen Air Purifier cleaner. The Alen t300 air purifier is still an excellent Alen Air Purifier for people who want to stop many things that may be in their air. But people that don’t have that much air filtration square footage to cover.

Alen Air Purifier

Alen Air T300 Purifier


You can believe when people state that the Alen Air T300 purifier has a lot of technologies at its disposal. You can stop everything that could go through here to a certain degree. But this Alen Air Purifier is capable of stopping everything.

All this Alen Air Purifier needs is more of the technology to make it more efficient. Since this is a space-efficient tower Alen Air Purifier and it doesn’t have room for a lot of filter media like IQAir air purifier

  1. Construction
  2. Digital Controls
  3. Air Quality Ratings
  4. Alen Air t300 HEPA Air Filter
  5. Charcoal Air Filters
  6. UV Air Filter
  7. Air Ionizer Purifier
  8. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Alen T300 Air Purifier Construction

Alen Corporation makes plastic Alen Air Purifier. But that doesn’t mean they are super flexible or flimsy. A surprising thing happens when they construct these Alen Air Purifier.

The structure is very tight so no air particles can escape the multi-stage process made for it. Experts believe this robust construction helps the sound level stay within levels, which don’t annoy users.

Alen T300 Air Purifier Digital Controls

You will find a couple of different buttons on this tower air purifier. Most of these deal with the unique features that this multi-function Alen Air Purifier cleaner provides.

First, you have the power button. You can guess what that does. Second, you have a four-level fan speed selector. It maxes out at 125 cubic feet per minute, and the noise level goes from 36 decibels to 60 decibels, which is not that bad.

Anything over 50 is in the range of non-sleepable. If you are over 70, then don’t believe that you will want even to be in the room.

Another button you use as a timer. You can set your Alen Air Purifier t300 to work while you are not around for up to 12 hours. You can have it cleaning at full speed while you are gone to make sure the air is super clean when you get home.

After being in a stuffy office all day with poor air filtration, some fresh air is just what you need when you have to go indoors again. You will know the difference as soon as you step in the door and realize that your headache, stuffy nose, and allergies subside instantly.

Alen Air Purifier

Alen Air T300 Purifier

You will find two extra buttons that are technologies that are not part of the standard air filter process. One is the ionizer that can turn on and off.

It creates a small amount of ozone that will be released into the home to stop odors and smells that may be within the immediate area. I believe this should use sparingly. The other is up to air filter, which makes this a home UV air purifier.

Air Quality Ratings

Talking about the ratings seems to make the Alen Air Purifier t300 look a lot weaker than many of the upper models on the market. But the other technologies are not taken into consideration during the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) testing.

With a card rating of 124, you will think that you could do better with a cheaper alternative from Honeywell or whirlpool, but you wouldn’t be entirely correct. You still have to consider the UV technology as part of the deal.

If you have a medical issue with bacteria, mold or viruses, you will need this technology within your air purifier to kill the pathogens you may be breathing in.

Hospitals use this to keep these from spreading from patient to patient. Open wounds and weak immune systems are all over the hospital, and they depend on super loud air purifiers to keep every area’s air quality clean.

Alen Air t300 HEPA Air Filter

As you might know, Alen Corporation makes air filters that are “all-in-one.” This fact means they have multiple types of air cleaner media in one frame. One of the media types in the structure is “True HEPA.”

Be glad that they used the best model even if it is not that many media because of space requirements. The Alen Air Purifier t300 can stop 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns because of this.

Experts believe this should be the standard, but man companies still sell the HEPA-type or HEPA-like air filters, and it confuses many people when they are trying to buy them. Experts suggest to look at the CADR rating if you are confused and see if it meets your square footage requirements.

Almost as important is what comes before the HEPA air filter. A prefilter that can catch large particles is the first thing that the air hits when it enters the Alen Air Purifier t300. It is essential that these massive particles stop something other than the HEPA air filter.

That is because it would clog up the HEPA air filter very fast and reduce its lifespan and ability to catch smaller particles. You can also wash this prefilter even though it connects to everything else. But you don’t want to get the HEPA air filter wet, so you have to do it carefully!

Alen Air Purifier

Alen Air T300 Purifier

Charcoal Air Filters in the Alen Air Purifier

On the other side of the filter, you have the Alen Air Purifier t300 activated carbon media. It is made to stop odors and smells that are within your house.

Unfortunately, the amount of this product available in these air filters is minimal and will not prevent these smells for more than 1-2 months. You can buy one of their upgraded models that are primarily for odors and smells. And it will give you a little more life, but not six months like the HEPA air filter.

UV Air Filter

One of the cool things about the Alen Air Purifier t300 HEPA is the fact that you have an optional UV lamp that is ready to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses that may be roaming in your household air.

Sometimes we think the cold weather makes us sick, but that only weakens our immune system enough to let this thing in when we come into contact with them. So the best thing we can do is stay at a comfortable temperature or remove the bad pathogens from our home.

Ultraviolet light kills 99% of these organisms on contact. You have probably seen this used to purified drinking water. You can use a UV filtered drinking water dispenser at work.

Air Ionizer Purifier

One extra feature they added I am not so happy. May people love ionic technology in their home. People can use the Alen Air Purifier for commercial reasons like fire damage and chemical spills.

Excessive ozone in my house is not allowed even if it is under government regulations like this one. Of course, you can read my web page do ionic air purifiers work for yourself and see if you would want to use this feature for your home.

Lifetime Limited Warranty of the Alen Air Purifier

Alen Corporation has done well to provide a lifetime warranty on their products. The t300 Alen Air Purifier can only be a better product because of it. Many companies will even go as high as ten years, but they will never say the lifetime.

Of course, this life is “limited” for a reason, and that means they are a catch. The score they give you is one I do not like at all. You have to sign up for their auto-ship replacement air filter program where they ship you an air filter every six months to make sure you replace yours.

If you don’t replace yours on time, there is a chance the fan motor could die, and that has happened before. Many people forget until the dust starts flying out of the front of the machine!

Alen Air T300 Purifier Conclusion

In the end, the t300 Alen Air Purifier is a quality small room air purifier. It will be perfect for an office in your house where you will be sitting for a long time plugging away at the computer. You need to find a way to get more time out of there.

The CADR rating is a bit low, but that means you will have to use it in a smaller room as it should. Your bedroom would be a perfect place for it. Especially since it has a UV lamp within it to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and mold.