Air Ionizer Purifier

Air Ionizer Purifier

In the land of made for tv, a filterless Air Ionizer Purifier is a growing trend amongst people who want cleaner air. Also, to people who don’t want to deal with expensive air filters and loud noises from fans.

Unknown to them they are succumbing themselves to something called “ozone,” which can be harmful to your health in individual doses. You can read further information about that at doing ionic air purifiers work.

Air Ionizer Purifier

Air Ionizer Purifier

In light of this, the Air Ionizer purifier is not a terrible thing. For many people, some pollutants it absorbs without much movement of air or sound is enough for them to be happy with their machines.

Many are not that weak to the ozone levels that these machines produce because they have decreased their standards over the years with pressures from the government. However, no real regulation is around to say they can’t go back to their old ways.

Air Ionizer Purifier Information

Here is the information you want the most from this subject and the list.


Air Ionizer purifiers like the Bell Howell ionizer air purifier and the holmes air purifier ionizer have a couple of parts that are specifically needed for it to work correctly. One of those is the “ionizer coils”. Those can make the negatively charged particles that combine with the air pollution in your home.

The next most important thing is the “collector blades”. Those are used for ionizer air cleaners to collect the dust, pollen, dust mites, etc… without the use of air filters.

You will notice that this is getting full when you start hearing loud popping and snapping sounds from the ionizer air purifier. You will also see that this will happen on average every 2-3 weeks.

The part I don’t like about it is that it could occur in the middle of the night, and when you dust it off with alcohol the dirt could go right back in your face!

Air Ionizer Purifier

Air Ionizer Purifier

Hopefully, the air purifier has an “activated carbon filter” to get rid of the some of the smells that get into it. I know that the small amount of ozone that it creates can get rid of odors.

But if it is coming from a large area, then that may be minimal in effect. Plus adding a carbon filter is pretty easy and can have significant benefits.


The performance of an ionizer air purifier can only be as good as how much air it can cycle during a period. You know very well that many of them don’t even use a fan and just let the (breeze?) inside your home monitor how quickly it does this.

As you can guess the performance levels of these types of ionic air purifiers is indigent, and that is another reason the government came down on them so hard. After which they made some improvements, and one was to add fans to the machines to suck in more air.

Ironically, this is when they discovered that the collector blades are only able to handle a small portion of what an air filter can process in a given amount of time. After it is full, it just keeps blowing the dust right back out into your room without you knowing.

I will say there is one real silent ionic air purifier. That would be the car air purifier with ionizer. The ventilation system in your vehicle makes the breeze, which makes the ionizer that much more efficient.

You apparently do this when the windows are up, and you are trapped in with the air that you have, but that means you are caught up in there with the ozone as well. It’s a good thing that you don’t live in your car, though.

Air Ionizer Purifier

Air Ionizer Purifier


I have already hit upon some key points, but I will give you a short list of them, and you can read back when I brought them up and why that is a bad thing. If these don’t seem like a problem to you, then that’s fine, but I feel that I have to warn you.

  1. Makes Ozone
  2. Collector blades fill up quick
  3. Also, collector blades make noise when full
  4. Besides, collector modules let air pollutants pass by when complete
  5. No fan = no air purification
  6. Fan speed needed to match HEPA air filter cleaning is always “High.”
  7. Cleaning is every 2-3 weeks on average and involves exposing yourself

Air Ionizer Purifier Conclusion

Overall I think it is up to you to decide if an ionizer air purifier is right for you. I have put all the information out there. Also, I provided you with the thing you should expect if you purchase one.

I believe that used in the right environment for the right reasons it can be a great product. But it is not a permanent fix by any means.

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What does an air ionizer do