Air Bear Filter

Air Bear Filter

You will find that Trion Air Bear makes a bunch of different air purification products other than the Trion air filter that is used as a whole house air filter. The line of products we are discussing in this webpage are the trion air bear filters, which have MERV ratings from 8-13. Let it be known that the only product to reach a perfect “MERV 16” score is the IQAir Perfect 16 (hence the name). Just because it is not perfect does not mean it is not one of the best in its class.

You will find that these air bear air cleaners are simply attachments that go into the air intake as your furnace air filter. The filter can stop the dirty air it captures from being redistributed throughout your house. It will help you isolate problem areas if you have any. These issues include if you smoke in the house, have a stinky dog or store hazardous VOCs in the basement. Either way, the problem will stay where it is until you have found and removed it personally. HVAC systems without proper air filtration will just spread the odor, bacteria, and viruses to other parts of your home or building, which would make other people sick and make your clothes stink.

Many people are unaware that cleaner air is only a small change away. You may look in your vents and see that dust is collecting their, but you think it’s just dust that has collected from the room, but that is not the complete truth. Particles are drifting around in your home, and they eventually go through your air duct system. The problem is the intake filter is supposed to stop these particles from clogging up your ventilation system, so it runs more efficient and doesn’t spread particles, bacteria, viruses and mold spores throughout your home. If you see dust in your vents, it means your vents are even worse and need to be cleaned. Looking in them with a flexible rope camera is the best way to figure out where the dirt is and if your cleaning job was beneficial. This is just one of the things you should have professionals do that are certified and known for doing quality work (and not just having ridiculous low prices that turn out to be scams where they upsale you and still do a poor job).

Trion Air Bear Filters Information

You will require knowing a few things about these air bear furnace filters. Some of it may seem redundant, but I will elaborate on the parts, which I think are important. The list will help you sort out what you think is most important to you and your air quality within your home or business. I always recommend that you should make sure it’s safe and that its built with quality! If you go with a quality you will not go wrong (take it from a Quality Assurance Engineer).

Microfiber Thickness – 5 Inches
Airflow – 2000 Cubic Feet per Minute
Technology – Electrostatic and HEPA
Sizes – All sizes of furnace air filters
MERV Rating – 8-13

The one thing you will be surprised to know is how air bear furnace filters work. You know very well the old furnace air filters were just laid straight up and down at a 90 degree angle in the ventilation system. This allows it to hit the total area of the air filter. However, once it hits it, no extra layers of protection are available to help it continue. Many people do what the cheap home builders do and get the blue colored air filters for their home ventilation system. If you assume what I am talking about you are probably thinking about its thickness. You should look now because all of these air filters are see through and you know what that means (almost zero protection). Those $3 dollar air filters are a big joke, and it is more worthwhile to get a cup of coffee.

The trion air bear filter is HEPA rated and gives you a real form of protection for your money. 95% of particles will be caught down to 1 micron in size. 10 microns is the size of a human hair, which can easily go through the cheap version. You wouldn’t want to smell your pets wet hair in your ventilation for six months, would you? With 5 inches of thickness, it is much better than your standard version. I like to measure air filter media in feet since that is what air purifier companies do. I can estimate this has around 10-20 feet of HEPA media. It will stop your dust, pollen, and some mold spores for about a year.


Air bear filters are rated for 2000 cubic feet per minute. This is fairly high of an airflow and will provide great cooling if you have an AC system that pushes that much. After you go over this amount of speed, the effectiveness of the air filter diminishes because the particles are being pushed so fast they may not stay trapped inside. This event would be very rare in a house because that speed is usually found in commercial buildings with long ventilation systems.


I stated before that trion air bear air filters use HEPA technology for their air filter media, but I didn’t go into detail about their other technology. Electrostatic technology is the common term, and you will find this on those super cheap blue air filters that you can see through. They have this small thing going for them, but the static in a hole about 1 cm wide won’t stop everything. If you cut that hole down to 1 micron, then you are catching everything with physical and electrostatic power. A graph of its effectiveness would look like a rollercoaster going to the top of the tracks, but it would not come back down. Static electricity gathers dust and pollen just like it does on your TV and computer screen over time. Obviously, you don’t get so much that you can’t see the tv anymore, but if you rub your hand on it after a month, you will end up with gray dust all over your fingers. This is the stuff it would be catching at that precise strength. Only powered units would be able to increase the amount of electricity going through the air bear filter to charge the particles.

MERV Rating

MERV is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which was made by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. You have MERV ratings from 1-20 that covers a range. MERV 16 is the highest version, but if you have more than one pass through a MERV 16 air bear filter you go up a MERV rating. Cleanrooms for computer and drug companies do this to make sure that no particles can get into the process. Of course, you don’t need all of this information. All you need to know is MERV 13 will allow you to catch 99% of particles down to 1 micron, which is the fundamental HEPA rating.

What you will find different is the “V” like an angle that these air bear filters make in the “right angle” version to maximize the amount of air filter that the air moves over. It increases the amount of things caught because there is more surface area and because it is much higher quality. You will also notice that these will last much longer. Possibly up to 3 years unless you have a terribly polluted home. I will tell you that the IQAir Perfect 16 does the same thing!. The only difference is IQAir uses three air filters that stop 98.5% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. So they have them by performance and quantity, and that reflects in the price along with the sealed box system they have created.

The last thing you may have not known is you can buy charcoal air filters to work with a trion air bear filter. The Carbon air filter will be the last stage of the process using activated carbon to capture odors and smells in the air. It is usually used in aquariums, but it is also useful for purifying the air as well. It is simply the safest way to get rid of odors and smells without having to cover them up like basic air fresheners.