Air Bear Air Cleaner

Air Bear Filter – Best Air Purifier For Smoke

You may or may not have heard of the Best Air Purifier For Smoke. One of the Best Air Bear Filter is Air Bear air purifiers. They have a good air purifier company.

This thing is they could care about room air purifiers as a market, which may be smart since they have focused their air filtration efforts toward a different approach.

The Best Air Purifier For Smoke provides a whole house air filter that allows you to place a single air filter and have it remove particulates from the air that is freely moving inside your house. It is the economical way to purify your breath as a whole.

You will be even more amazed to know that you can use more than one technology to filter this air when you are using an Air Bear Filter. It is a whole house Best Air Purifier For Smoke. This Best Air Purifier For Smoke gives you the option between pure HEPA-like air filters to MERV 13 air filters with electronic technology.

Most of the furnace filters use electrostatic to capture large particles that move through the air. You will notice this when you change one, and it loads with more stuff than your lint filter in your dryer.

Types of Air Bear Air Cleaners

You will find three types of whole house air purifiers that they provide for you to use. Each Air Bear Filter has its usage, but they are very similar. They could go further with the design of the Best Air Purifier For Smoke. That way they would be able to increase Best Air Purifier For Smoke MERV rating to higher than 13.

But they have neglected this type of research. Maybe the IQ Air Perfect 16 just beat them to the punch with their numerous air filters, design, technology and perfect MERV 16 rating to make the Air Bear Filter not worthwhile.

Trion Air Bear Supreme (MERV 11) Air Bear Filter – Best Air Purifier For Smoke

This is a particular whole house Air Bear Filter. It simply slides into a slot in your ventilation system just furnace or A/C system hookup point. This Air Bear Filter usually needs to be built in by a professional or whomever you can find that can do the installation correctly.

Go to a professional that you can trust to make it airtight, which isn’t that hard because of the Air Bear Filter design. The usage is very simple. It is just HEPA air filter that is MERV rated 11 of 16.

Best Air Purifier For Smoke

To put this in perspective the blue air filters you get for a couple of bucks at the store that you can see through and looks like it will only stop massive hairballs are rated around MERV 1-3 and are subpar.

HEPA air filters are pleated and rigid, which enables them to capture many different types of things and also much smaller particulates. You will find a MERV 13 will stop 99% of particles down to 1 micron. This, of course, is not “True” HEPA air filter efficiency, but it is getting close.

Trion Duct Mount HE Plus 1400 Air Bear Filter

This is the Air Bear air cleaner with all the technology. This Air Bear Filter is not high on technology or the best but gives you just what you need to clean the air that moves through your house freely. This is the same air that freely moves allergens into your nose!

This system uses electronic technology to charge the air that is coming into the air filters and then it sticks to the electrostatic air cleaner fibers like a magnet, which increases its air filtration ability.

You may wonder if this has any resemblance to ozone generators, but it does not. That technology just spits out ozone into your home to make particulates gather together and get weighed to the ground.

That is good for smells and hazardous VOCs, but it doesn’t help pollen, dust and mold spores that will just be pushed back into the air once something disturbs them again. I assure you this will happen very quickly!

Air Bear Filter

Trion Air Bear Right Angle Air Bear Filter

The last of the Air Bear air cleaners is the version that uses the right angle. This may look weird to you, but what it is doing is giving the air filter the highest amount of surface area to grab the air particulates traveling past it. It is the first step in a great process.

If they add 1 or 2 more, they would have an enormous amount of air filtration, but they stopped short. The IQ Air Perfect 16 uses three right angles in a closed case to capture air particulates. It is highly efficient.

Air Bear Air Cleaner Conclusion

Overall the air bear air purifiers are a great product and will work great in your whole house air purification system that you want to set up. I would suggest going with the MERV 13 version that will give you the best they can do and provide you with the most relief. If you are looking for something better, then you only have one choice. That is the IQ Air Perfect 16.