Senco PC 1010

Senco PC 1010

Senco PC 1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor is one of the finest, portable air compressors currently available.

Senco is a company that’s known for making high-quality tools at very affordable prices. And they’ve more than outdone their reputation with the Senco PC 1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor. This portable unit is small, compact and very affordable. That makes it a tool that anyone can afford and put to use on the next big job or around-the-house project.

Senco PC 1010

Senco PC1010

Senco PC 1010 review

The Senco PC 1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor weighs in at only 20 pounds. With such a lightweight build, you might think that there’s no way this model could offer any serious power. But the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor does deliver more power than you might think. That’s because this model is built with a sturdy, little ½ horsepower motor that provides consistent air pressure for inflation tasks or for using air tools. If you’ve ever had to do any cabinet or finishing work, you know how handy a portable air compressor can be. And it’s precisely those types of jobs and around-the-house projects that the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor is custom made to handle.


Built with a handle for easy carrying and portability

Oil-less pump requires no ongoing maintenance

½ horsepower motor for delivering lots of compressed air to your projects

Cylinder is aluminum

Weighs in at just 20 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around

1 gallon of compressed air capacity

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010


1. Portable

                                                                                                                         I’ve seen a lot of air compressors that claim to be portable, but the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor has to be the best. This compressor is so light, and the handle is so convenient, that you can take this model anywhere with ease.

2. No maintenance

Since the engine requires no oil, it is virtually maintenance-free. Of course, you still have to keep it clean, but that’s about the only maintenance required.

3. Tough

The Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor is surprisingly tough for a small air compressor. Senco apparently put a lot of care into making this a tool that will last for years.

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010


 1. Small capacity

The one-gallon capability of the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor means that you don’t have a large tank of compressed air at your fingertips

 2. Not versatile.

Due to the lower capacity, this is an air compressor best used for small air tools, like staplers and nail drivers. You can’t use a wide variety of instruments with this model.

If small is good for you, when it comes to air compressors, you’ll enjoy using the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor. It’s a professional quality air compressor that’s very affordable. And since it’s small and easy to store when not in use, this is a great air compressor for do-it-yourself projects.

Porter Cable C2002

Porter Cable C2002-WK Oil

Porter Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit includes, not only a high-performance, portable air compressor, but all the necessary accessories you need to put this air compressor to work the minute you pull it out of the box.

Porter Cable C2002


Porter Cable C2002-WK

The most important part of the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit is the compressor itself. The Porter-Cable C2002 air compressor is built with an oil-free pump. This means that you don’t have to worry about heavy, ongoing maintenance to keep this air compressor running well. And since it delivers 150 max psi, you can keep your pneumatic tools and paint sprayers running for longer amounts of time, without waiting for the Porter-Cable C2002 to recharge and become ready for action. That means you can get more serious work done without spending all day waiting for the compressor to be ready for use.



1. Delivers 150 max psi and holds more air in the tank for longer uptimes on your projects.


 2. Quick recovery time with 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi.

3. The plugs and air coupler are factories installed to prevent leaks and to challenge set up at home.

4. The lower amp, 120-volt motor can easily start on even the coldest mornings.

5.  The pancake build protects the vital air compressor components and makes the unit much easier to carry than other types of portable air compressors.

6.  6 gal Pancake style tank for stability, includes water drain valve and rubber feet.

7.  Durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance.

8.  Two regulated, factory installed air couplers to easily support two users

9.  Only 30 lbs for easy portability.

 10.  13 pc accessory kit for a variety of inflation and cleaning tasks.

Porter Cable C2002



Here’s what comes in the box when you buy the Porter Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit:

 The Porter-Cable C2002 air compressor

Various attachments

25-foot nylon hose


Tire gauge

Tire chuck


Quick coupler

Teflon tape

Porter Cable C2002


Porter-Cable C2002-WK review


There has been a lot of online buzz about the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit. We decided to check out what actual customers have to say about this complete air compressor kit, so we checked out all the available customer reviews. After finding nearly 100 customer reviews, we found the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit to have an above-average customer score of 4.2 out of 5 stars. There were some complaints about this unit not being up to task for huge pneumatic tool needs or for filling up huge truck tires. Overall, though, the overwhelming majority of the nearly 100 customer reviewers had nothing but good things to say about the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit.

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Makita MAC5200

The Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is now available, and this model is built to perform like a big air compressor while being portable and easy to move around.

You never know what you’re going to come up against on job sites, but regardless of the terrain, the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is built to move around from one spot to another, with ease. And since Makita makes it, the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is an air compressor that’s built to perform well for years to come.

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Portability Galore

Some tools are touted as being portable, but they fail to come through with the features you need for a means to be easy to move around. The Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor, on the other hand, has plenty of features that make it simple and effortless to make progress around the job site or your garage. It has an integrated handle that folds up when stored. With this handle, it’s simple to cart the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor around from one spot to another, with minimal effort. And with its robust wheels, you can venture out onto any terrain with this air compressor.

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor Features

1. Integrated storage compartment for holding air tools and air compressor accessories.
2.  Built-in folding handles make it easy to move this air compressor around.
3.  Built with tough wheels to make this model easy to maneuver.
4.  Air hose wrap that stores 50 feet of 3/8 inch air hose.
5. Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Makita MAC5200 Pros

1.  Handle.

The folding handle makes it simple to move this air compressor. And since the handles fold up, they don’t take up a lot of room when the unit is being stored.

2.  Built-in Storage.

I’m always scrambling to find tools and fittings. With the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor, that scrambling is a thing of the past, as there is a built-in spot for storing all of the most common air tools and accessories.

3.  Durable.

The Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is made by Makita, so it’s a tool that you can plan on owning, and using for many years to come.

Makita MAC5200 Cons

1.  A bit loud.

The Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor runs a bit loud. It’s not any louder than most other air compressors, but you should wear hearing protection when using it, just to be safe.

2.  Heavy for a portable air compressor.

This model isn’t too bulky, but it is heavier than you might expect from a portable air compressor.

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Makita MAC5200AirCompressor

Even though it’s a bit heavy, the built-in portability features help to make the  Air Compressor easy to move around. Since the wheels can handle any terrain, you can easily move this air compressor or load it up in the truck at the end of the day.

If you need the power of a truly portable air compressor for your garage, or on the job, the  Compressor should be at the top of your wish list. It’s powerful, easy to operate and extremely portable, so we recommend it to anyone who needs portable air compression on the go.

Makita MAC2400AirCompressor

Makita MAC2400 AirCompressor

The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is one of the most in-demand models among people who settle for nothing but the best when it comes to tools. And since Makita is known as the world’s leading company for pneumatic tools, it only makes sense that they know a thing or two about designing a reliable air compressor. The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor delivers on all fronts and gives you the performance that you’d expect from one of the world’s leading air tool manufacturers.

Makita MAC2400AirCompressor


Strong Pump

The heart of any air compressing unit is at the pump. After all, the air is compressed by the pump, so it only makes sense that units with superior quality pumps are simply better air compressors. The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor features as good a pump as you would want from an air compressor. It’s built from durable cast iron and oil lubricated. That means that it’s resistant to everyday abuse, and runs cool to stay protected from excessive wear. You’ll have a hard time finding an air compressor with a better pump than the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor.

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor Features

1.  The pump is oil lubricated to run cool and minimize wear.

2.  Cast iron pump is built to be used day-in-and-day-out for long product life.

3.  Pump is easy to maintain.

4.  Integrated thermal overload to protect the motor.

5.  Air filter is big and made to increase air intake and provide overall better performance.

6.  Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Makita MAC2400AirCompressor


Makita MAC2400 Pros

1.  Tough.

I expect my tools to be sturdy and able to withstand regular use and abuse. The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is tough, and since it’s made from sturdy, rugged steel, it’s a compressor that will last for years, even if it’s used every day.

2.  Cool Running.

The pump is oil lubricated, so it runs at a cooler temperature than some of the “maintenance free” pumps. This means that the pump will perform well without suffering from excessive breakdowns.

3.  Big air filter.

The air cleaner on this model is similar to what you’d see in an automotive shop’s air compressor. That means it pulls in more air to use on the job.

Makita MAC2400 Cons

1. Maintenance.

The cost of a cool-running, oil lubricated pump is regular maintenance. You have to stay on top of keeping this model greased to keep the pump protected from damage.

2. Loud.

Make no mistakes; this is a powerful air compressor. As such, you can expect the noise levels to be pretty high when you operate this unit. It’s no louder than most other models, but it certainly isn’t the quietest air compressor on the market.

Makita MAC2400AirCompressor


Even though you have to perform somewhat regular maintenance to keep the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor in good operating condition, the pump does remove quickly to accomplish this maintenance. And since the result of the support is longer life and fewer breakdowns, it’s more than worth the little bit of extra effort. If you’re ready for a tough, powerful air compressor, you can’t go wrong with the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor.




There have been many nice things said about the Makita MAC700 air compressor, but is this air compressor all that great? When shopping for an air compressor, it is vital to get one that has all needed features. You want an air compressor that is a good value for the money. You need one that will not let you down in the middle of a project. Buying an air compressor and getting it to your shop or home only to discover that it does not even have enough power to inflate an airbed properly can be very frustrating indeed. Hopefully, with the MAC700 Makita did something right. The truth is that consumers are tired of trying air compressors that only do not work. Not only does it waste their money, but also their valuable time. The Makita MAC700 air compressor seems like a very promising solution to all these issues. Read on to find out if it is the right pick for you.



Noise Level

One of the greatest problems that air compressor users have with the air compressors they purchase is all the loud noise they make. Forget about doing projects around the house when the baby is asleep! Some air compressors are so loud that they can lastingly damage your hearing. However, the amount of noise that the Makita MAC700 air compressor makes is one of its benefits. The large 1,720 RPM pump works at a sound level that is much lower than most other air compressors. When running, the Makita MAC700 air compressor only registers 80 decibels on a meter, which is about the same noise level as a telephone dial tone.


It is not enough to have an air compressor that is quiet. You also need one that provides enough power to get the job done. Of course, there are different grades of air compressors and choosing one largely depends on the type of work to be done with it. For a consumer-grade, hot dog air compressor, the Makita MAC700 really can pack a punch. The 2.0HP motor powers the cast iron pump that features a big bore cylinder with piston and delivers an impressive performance. Rather you are looking to inflate tires, clear leaves from the yard, or power an air tool; the Makita MAC700 provides the output that you need.


About as annoying as having a loud air compressor disturb your peace has one that breaks down right when you were counting on it. The purchase of an air compressor is an investment into the many projects that you desire to complete with it, so you want one that is going to last. The good news is that the Makita MAC700 has been designed to be durable. Not only does its low amp draw reduce the number of times the breakers trip and voltage drops, an issue that causes premature motor failure, but it has a cooler running pump that minimizes wear. The cast-iron cylinder and roll-bar handle mean that the Makita MAC700 is built to last.


It is vital for an air compressor to have excellent stability because without this the unit will dance across the floor due to the vibrations from the motor. Not only is this problematic when trying to get work done, it significantly increases noise. However, Makita has prided themselves on how quiet the MAC700 is and users will find that this air compressor has no stability problems. Instead, the welded supports that serve as foot pads help to keep it in place when in use, offering superior stability.




When considering the size of the Makita MAC700 air compressor, the amount of power that it puts out is even more incredible. This compact, portable air compressor sits 22 inches high with a length of 18 inches and width of only 10 inches. The smaller size means that the MAC700 can fit neatly in the car for working on the go and is easy to store when not in use. However, the cast-iron construction of the MAC700 that is partially responsible for the ruggedness of the unit has made the air compressor rather thick, at a weight of 52 lbs.


1. Generous 2.6-gallon capacity tank made of durable cast-iron

2. Powerful 2.0 HP motor with oil-lubricated, cooler-running pump that protects the engine from wear
3. Handy roll bar handle that protects the air compressor from falls and makes it easy to transport
4. Large automotive design air filter that assists in the powerful air flow and also serves to protect the motor
5. Sturdy welded foot pads that keep the unit in place during use

6. Convenient pressure releases valve for added user control

7. Helpful oil status window that allows users to monitor oil levels


The pros of the Makita MAC700 air compressor are many. Apparently, this air compressor was built with only high-quality standards and materials. In the MAC700 some of the issues that users encounter with other brands of air compressors have been addressed. This air compressor will impress users who have had to work with some of the other air compressors on the market. It draws in fewer amps than the others while giving a powerful output of pressure that those models just cannot supply. Users of the MAC700 will find that they spend less time playing around with the breakers because of this and the lower number of amps drawn in causes less wear on the motor.



The Makita MAC700 is also easy to move around, thanks to its roll-bar handle which protects the unit from falls and other accidents. This means that those who choose the MAC700 are not limited to just one working space, and they do not have to worry about the unit getting damaged when it is set on an elevated platform. The welded foot pads provide added assurance as they make the Makita MAC700 stable. Not only do they protect the unit from dancing across the floor from the vibrations, but they cause the drain valve to be highly accessible.

The large automotive style air filter in the Makita MAC700 serves to increase air intake and is substantially responsible for the unit’s compression performance. The cool-running, oil-lubricated pump creates efficiency and allows the air compressor to run quietly. There are large bore pistons that allow for more compression with fewer strokes. All of these features serve to increase the lifetime of the motor, as they minimize the amount of wear.

The Makita MAC700 is powerful enough to run most air tools, such as nail guns and air brushes. This is all thanks to its 2.6-gallon capacity air tank that holds a maximum of 130 PSI, allowing 3.3 CFM to be delivered at 90 PSI. With the MAC700 air compressor, Makita has set a new standard in consumer-grade hot dog air compressors.


Of course, the Makita MAC700 air compressor is not completely perfect. There are a few cons to mention, as to be expected. For example, at about 52 lbs. The unit is much heavier than some would expect it to be. This could potentially cause portability issues and mean that those who cannot handle transporting this amount of weight may find that it is better to have a set workspace for it. Some have also found the air compressor to be rather top heavy, making it difficult to load and unload from vehicles. When seeking to lift the air compressor to a certain height, it can easily tip over due to this issue.

Moreover, there have been some complaints by users about the lack of information in the user’s manual. Many say that it is very poorly written and entirely inadequate. Plus some people who have ordered the Makita MAC700 air compressor online have complained about there being damage from shipping. The damage is mainly done on the houses, and some have had issues with Makita in getting them replaced.

Consumer Reviews

The majority of the people who have used the Makita MAC700 and offered up their opinions on it have given this air compressor excellent ratings. They seem to prefer this air compressor over many of the other air compressors on the market. Some people have gone through quite a few air compressors and are still of the opinion that this one is the best. Some of the things that kept a few of the reviewers from giving the Makita MAC700 negative feedback are the issues that they had with having the unit repaired after being damaged during shipping.



The Makita MAC700 air compressor is one of the best units available on the market today. Those who would purchase it can bypass some of the issues that are common with other air compressors, such as lack of power, lots of noise, and instability. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the retailer from whom this air compressor is bought has an excellent shipping policy that protects the buyer from any damage to the unit that may occur. Overall, there are much more pros than cons for this product and consumers who purchase a Makita MAC700 air compressor will be getting a great tool.

GMC Syclone 6310

GMC Syclone 6310

GM does not technically build the GMC Syclone 6310 but who cares when can get a good performing compressor that’s also incredibly quiet. In fact, it may be the most silent air compressor for home use that’s currently available. The GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor may be just the compressor you’ve been looking for. This small, but powerful air compressor is built to provide consistent air flow for the most common pneumatic tool, painting and around the house types of jobs. And when you need to get up and go, it’s small enough to pop in the trunk or bed of your truck without too much effort.


Now if you’re like me and have had it with noisy air compressors, I think you’re going to be pretty impressed with how quiet this compressor is. The GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor only belts out noises at about 60 dBA. No, that’s not whisper-quiet, but it is small enough that you can work on projects, even in the middle of the night, without causing a ruckus in the neighborhood or wake up everyone in town. It’s good to get consistently dominant air flow levels without making a ton of noise, and the GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor makes this a reality.


Features a 6.3-gallon steel tank.
Built in pressure control meter and a Universal quick connector.
Airflow of: 3.80 CFM @ 40 PSI – 2.35 CFM @ 90 PSI
Oil-Free Pump Means Virtually No Maintenance to keep it running for years of regular use.
Built with a thermal overload protector to prevent damage to the pump.
Backed by a one-year, limited warranty
Comes with wheels for maneuvering the air compressor around the shop or garage.
Dimensions: 24” H x 13.4” W

Who It’s For

The GMC Syclone 6310 is most suitable for the garage or small projects around the house. Contractors and mechanics may want to look elsewhere at more powerful compressors since having a quiet compressor are not so important. This compressor is perfect for the first time user and even if you’ll only be inflating tires, it’s a good option due to its large tank. Many of the smaller compressors simply don’t have a large enough tank to fill a tire completely. While the photos may seem like this is a full-size compressor, it’s quite compact and easy to move from room to room.



Soundless! One of the quietest air compressors at just 60 dBA
It Provides consistent, powerful air flow for most pneumatic tools.
Durable, steel tank is built to stand up to regular use and abuse.
Quick to pressurize tank
Included moisture trap
Large tank
Good value


The wheels tend to rub up against the air compressor.
The silver color hasn’t been a big hit with some customers.
After researching for this GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor review, and taking in all the pros and cons, it’s obvious that this is one of the best portable air compressors in this price range.
Rough build quality in some spots
Won’t win any beauty awards

If you want truly portable air flow for all of your pneumatic tools and painting needs, but don’t want a compressor that makes a ton of noise, then the GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor is the model that you’ve been waiting for.

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP compressor . As you know, it’s never been easier than it is today to purchase a portable air compressor. The problem is, though, that many of these so-called “durable” air compressors really can’t stand up to the demands of mechanical or carpentry work. They might provide the bare minimum of compressed air that you need to run your pneumatic tools, so many of them are nothing more than glorified bicycle pumps. The DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor, on the other hand, is a compact air compressor that’s made by one of the world’s best-known tool manufacturers.

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

This particular portable air compressor shows all the hallmarks of the DeWalt tools that we’ve all come to know so well over the years. The DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor is built to deliver 200 Psi maximum air flow to provide stable, dependable air flow for all types of pneumatic tools. And since it is an oil-free air compressor, the DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor is designed to last for the long haul, with fewer breakdowns and the bare minimum maintenance.


DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

1. Running at 90 psi with 4.8 SCFM, this compressor allows for super-quick recovery and recharge times.

2. At just 78 dBA, the noise level of this air compressor is considerably lower than other comparable models.

3. Ehp Efficient high-pressure technology delivers exceptional air-tool runtimes.

4. Oil free, maintenance free pump for convenient use; Efficient high pressure motor allows the compressor to be run with an extension cord (12 Ga. or heavier, 50 ft. or less) due to consistent amp draw requirements of the compress.

5. Product Weight: 90 pounds

6. Oil free pump means you don’t have to spend time maintaining this air compressor to get top performance for all your pneumatic tool needs.

As you can see, the DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor is one of the best portable air compressors in this price range. With long run times, quickly recharges and virtually no maintenance, this is the go-to air compressor for quick jobs and big projects alike.

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP

DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP


No DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor review would be complete without touching on the online customer reviews. I checked out what real life people had to say about this model, and was very impressed to find that this model has earned a solid 4.7 out of 5-star rating from tool users who have purchased and used this air compressor on their projects.

If you know great tools, you see it’s hard to beat a DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP. So if you are in the market for an easy to use, powerful and quiet operating the air compressor, you can’t miss when you order the DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High-Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor.



Following are the steps for AIR COMPRESSOR BUYING GUIDE


An air compressor is a vital tool. It is a modern device that has the task of converting power into kinetic energy by pressurizing air on command. It increases the amounts of air in an individual space. Air pressure is increased as you packed the air. This process creates a useful force that is more often than not is used in manufacturing, industrial, personal, and commercial purposes and reasons.





Before you proceed to buy your air compressor, you first have to learn what kind of work or job will you do because the type of air compressor you will buy will highly depend on this factor.


Factors to Consider while AIR COMPRESSOR BUYING GUIDE


If you have thoughts of buying an air compressor, you have to consider the following factors:


Electric versus gas powered air compressor


How much airflow and horsepower your air compressor should have


Consider the PSI


Oiled air compressor or oil-free air compressor


Consider the tank size


The type and kind of air compressor you will need will mostly depend on the given factors. Once you have discovered and learned the pressure and volume requirements required for your tools to function well and appropriately, then you have considered the following:


A Twin –stack style – ideal for remodeling, roofing, car maintenance, and organized clean-up


A wheelbarrow style – portable and suited for locations or areas where you only have limited space


A pancake style – easy to maneuver and is usually used for mobile and maintenance jobs




A Step By Step Process on Buying an AIR COMPRESSOR BUYING GUIDE


An air compressor is a vital tool. Because of this, even though air compressors require a massive investment, people are still willing to buy them because of the necessity of air compressors. Listed below is a step by step process on how you can purchase and choose the air compressor for you.


Check your balance/money. Decide what kind of investment you’d make between long or short term investments. Inexpensive and cheap units usually do not last very long.


Next, you must also consider the size of the air compressor you want to buy. If you a buy a small air compressor for all the jobs that you need to do, then you will not be as productive. If you choose to avail or buy a too large air compressor, then you would have wasted money. It is very vital to have a knowledge of what needs to be done and what air compressor fits that description of what you need.


Choose the fuel or power source carefully. Do you want an electrical powered or a gas powered air compressor? More often than not, the gas powered air compressor is used for outdoor projects.


Decide how much horsepower you need to accomplish the job. Most air compressor motors have the strength ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 power.



Compare and decide on the tank size of your air compressor. The tank size is imperative because it indicates or implies how long your tools can work. Tank sizes are usually ranging from 1 to 80 gallons.


Find out if it is a portable or stationary type of AIR COMPRESSOR BUYING GUIDE.


Compare the air compressors’ performance ratings. The higher the score and satisfaction rate, the better.


Consider the power sources available to you significantly and are at your disposal. Electric compressors are better regarding maintenance, costs, and expenses. On the other hand, a gasoline model is more versatile especially when it comes to uses and is also more portable.


Consider that larger tanks are also more suited for the powering tools that are operating continuously. Examples of this would include sanders and drills. There are many factors to consider in buying an air compressor. Make sure that the air compressor you will buy will fit and suit the needs of your work or job. The type and kind of air compressor you would choose will affect how productive you will be. Make sure to choose with care so as to make the investment all worth it.



Action camcorders are the best devices to capture all your activities and make it memorable for you and your family. JVC has built JVC ADIXXION XA 1 that is highly portable and records all the moments. Whether you go for a high-speed or low-speed activity, the cam is there with you to record all your movements.

It stands out due to excellent recording capabilities. This inexpensive action camera earned a lot of appreciation among the masses. Go through this review to learn more about this camcorder.




The JVC ADIXXION XA 1 has a compact design and the rugged construction make it a durable device. The lightweight cam is comfortable to wear during all your actions without feeling it. You cannot misoperate the camcorder as it has simple functions. Moreover, it has a convex shape that protects the LCD from any damage. You can see two tripod holes allow you to attach different mounts.

It only weighs 126g with a dimension of 2.13 x 1.44 x 2.9 inches. It has many functions that grab your attention towards it. Plus, it is available at affordable rates so every action lover can purchase it for making the moments memorable.


A device is considered the best if it has all the features that meet the need of billions of tourists. The JVC ADIXXION XA 1 is designed with so many outstanding features that make it worth buying. Take a look at the offerings of this device

Coldproof design

without any housing, the durable construction of this camera makes it waterproof up to 5m. It is also a shockproof cam that will remain safe even falling from a height of 2m. This action camcorder is also a dustproof and freeze-proof device. It means you can fearlessly take it with you on all your actions.

Full lens

It has a super wide lens that captures the action with the surroundings. Your photos look great with the larger view as it gives life to every click. The footage with the scenery makes the work memorable.

Built-in WiFi

With the WiFi facility, you can connect the laptop, phone, and a tablet to your camera. This cam proffers smartphone linking, live streaming, and data transfer. To get all these facilities, you don’t need to spend money on WiFi bacPacs. You can also broadcast on USTREAM via a hotspot.



Wi-Video software

This is the built-in software that allows you to stream the videos wirelessly. The transferring of data also becomes dull. You can upload your videos to social networking sites and share your experience with the world.

Live streaming

This camcorder is also a webcam that permits you to stream live videos through WiFi or mobile hotspot.

Image stabilizer

With the convenience of this feature, you will get perfect photos as it captures all the moments, even the one that you shot with a shaky body. It minimizes the shake and provides an excellent result.

Built-in HDMI terminal

It allows you to connect the footage to your TV through HDMI so that you can enjoy the actions on big screen and relive the moments.

LCD monitor

This cam has a 1.5 inch LCD screen that allows you to set the angle before recording any scene, you can also view the recording. One can also adjust the menu setting quickly according to the requirement of the action.

Time-lapse mode

To capture a series of photos, the time lapse mode is perfect as it doesn’t miss a single shot of your action. It takes the pictures at an interval of 1 or 5 seconds.


The JVC Adixxion XA-1 captures high-quality video. Its performance is better than many action cameras as its video quality is unbeatable. It has many modes of resolutions that enhance the quality of the footage and also allows you to change it according to the demand of the situation. The models include 1080p at 30fps, 960p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 fps, and WVGA at 30 fps.

With the fantabulous video quality, it also captures clear photos with a resolution of 5 megapixels. It proffers five times digital zoom, manual and automatic white balance, and auto exposure.




In every shot, you will get an excellent light, and the scenery will look great that your friend might get confused to identify the place. It captures images with vibrant colors in the bright light. The low-light image quality is a little bit lesser as compared to the other devices. That doesn’t mean it gives a poor quality in dim light; the quality is just fine.

It has an inbuilt microphone that records the audio during all your activities. But besides recording the audio, it also records the noise, and that is somewhat considered a con. This happens in the car or bike-related events where the noise is more than any other action. It captures a crisp and clear sound in other sports.


The Battery life of this fully HD Camcorder is less than expected. The battery works fine for 1 hour on 1080p. When involving in any activity, one need to have a camera with a greater battery that works more. This negative point can be neglected by a positive one as it offers a replaceable battery so you can purchase extra packs for a whole day long activity.

In many reviews, people have mentioned their experience and way of tackling the battery life and most of them prefer to buy additional battery packs to use it when needed.


The accessories included in the box are USB cable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, flexible mount, two lens protectors, goggle mount, attachment screw, and instruction manual. The flexible and goggle mount is present in the box for attaching the action camcorder to the helmet, bike, ski goggles, etc.

There are many other attachments that you might need for better use. All the necessary items can be purchased separately. You also need to buy the memory card to increase the storage capacity for extended and seamless recording. This camcorder supports an SD card up to 64 GB.


Light Weight & Rugged Design

Built-in Wifi


Bad result for Still Images

Short Battery Life



The Ion Air Pro is the best POV camera for short filmmakers and sports fanatic. It can be strapped to your head, body, surfboard, and bike. It records all your moments in high-quality that gives you a memorable experience. It is the simplest camera that is design for the beginners as well as professionals.

It is the quickest action camcorder that starts capturing after 3 seconds of switching it. When the camera starts recording, it vibrates that is the sign that it is capturing all the moments as after mounting on the head you can’t see the camera status.




The Ion Air Pro has a tube-like aerodynamic design with a diameter of 1.46 inches, a length of 4.21 inches, and weight of about 4.5 ounces. It is a lighter and smaller device with a unique style and looks sleeker than other devices. This is a rugged sports camera that is easy to use with great features.

The switches of the camcorder are easy to slide. It is a worth buying wearable action camcorder that is available at reasonable price. It has a lot more in store to deliver the best quality footage.


Following are the features that enhance the capabilities of the camcorder and make it worth buying.

Spot meter

It is a great function that is hard to find in the action cameras. It allows you to adjust the light for dark and bright situations.

Low-light performance

The camera is designed to set the aperture automatically according to the scene. Moreover, the super low-light sensitivity allows you to record perfect footage in every environment.

Built-in microphone

It has the capability to record tremendously clear audio. You can go for any sport without worrying about the audio and video.

Waterproof body

It is engineered in such a manner that you can take it in the water deep down to 10 meters. The rugged body makes it shock proof and durable. No matter what you throw at it during the action, the cam will not break.



Burst and time-lapse mode

The burst mode is usually used to capture the fast action as it takes five photos in a second while the time-lapse mode is capable of taking a series of photos at a particular time interval. You can select the range from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

Cloud storage

It proffers the cloud storage of 8 GB so that you can access and save the content from anywhere.

WiFi Podz

It has a built-in WiFi that allows you to connect the device to your iPhone or tablet. It also permits you to share the content with your friends and family members. With the WiFi Podz kit, you can see the view of the camera using your phone.

Cam lock system

There is a plastic clip attached that can be removed using the screwdriver. It allows you to attach different mounts and tripods.

Instant on-record switch

It is the feature that makes it easy to start recording just by sliding the switch. The plus point of it is that it avoids accidental deactivation.


Whether you are swimming, rafting, wing walking, skiing, cycling, or riding a bike, you will need an action camera that records high-quality video that will later become a precious memory. For excellent performance, you can purchase the Ion Air Pro action camera. It also proffers several recording modes that you can manually set for various situations. The modes are from Full HD to HD. You can shoot 30 fps at 1080p, 30 fps at 960p, 30/60 fps at 720p, and 30 fps at WVGA.

Only excellent video quality is not enough for the action lovers as they also want a device that provides highly sharp and clear photos. This action camcorder gives every shot in gorgeous colors as it has a photo resolution of 5 megapixels.




You will find many action camcorders on the market, but very few of them give an excellent performance in all environments. People are always looking for a camcorder that provides quality footage in most of the conditions and situations. This action camera not only offers top-quality videos in the sunlight but also maintains the crisp of the content in the dim light. The auto aperture settings keep the camera ready for recording the stunts in every situation.

Apart from proving quality video, it also manages to grab clear audio with the internal microphone that also works fine in the water. You will get a crisp and clear sound. It can also be said that this device records better audio than other devices.


The sports action camera has a rechargeable battery of 1200 mAh. You can take this camera on all your games and records every moment as it works 2.5 hours. This time is perfect for many sports enthusiasts while a few had a problem with the battery life. If you want to go on a river to perform several actions, then the battery life is not good enough for you as it doesn’t allow you to replace the battery.

You can recharge the battery using USB. Turning off your WiFi is a wise decision as it drains the battery faster than you can imagine. With the WiFi, the camera will only run 1 hour.


You will be glad to know about the items included in the box as the company packed all the essential components and mounts to make the recording process simple. The box of this action camera includes 3small size double face sticker, bike mount, security string, USB adapter, software CD, fitting piece, helmet mount, tripod, video/audio cable, tin box, 2 foam stickers, short and medium mount strap, short and L-shaped ball joint, cam locker, pouch, USB cable, and ion WiFi Podz.

You will not get the SD card with this camcorder, so you have to purchase it separately. The Ion Pro supports the memory card up to 32 GB. The device comes with a warranty of 1 year and within this period you can replace the cam or maybe get the refund in case of malfunctioning. It is the priority of the company to assist you and solve the queries.

iOn Air Pro

The Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi is a professional sports action camera suitable for just about anything. Waterproof up to 10 meters/30 feet without any outer case required, it records videos in HD at up to 170-degrees wide angle.


Durable Waterproof Body

Lightweight and compact

Easy to use


Cannot adjust setting on the Camera

Compression finer details issue