Polaroid XS100

Polaroid XS100

The Polaroid XS100 action camera is make by Polaroid which has over 75 years of history in making cameras beginning from 1926. They have built a reputation and name in the market when it comes to photography and camera; their next print cameras are still used to date.

Polaroid XS100

Polaroid XS100

Extreme Edition

The Polaroid XS100i Extreme Edition is a waterproof action camera just like the iON Air Pro but has more and better features and as a result, they have over 600 reviews on Amazon alone. This camera is perfect for you if you want to jump off a cliff or a plane or just go crazy biking, skiing or surfing. It has the functions, quality, and persistence to become a perfect companion for your adventures.

Polaroid XS100

Polaroid XS100


Polaroid XS100 is a decent POV action camera for the price it sells for, with features that are well worth the money. It is a Full HD 1080p action camera which is both shock and water proof so is describe as a sturdy action camera which can be used for extreme action sports.

The XS100 also has some amazing features like built-in Wifi, unlike the iON Air Pro where the Wifi mode is initiated by installing a separate device on the back of the action camera. It also has G-Sensor and Dual File Recording.

Some features (G Sensor, Dual File Recording, Vibrates, Ultra Light )even surpasses the cameras offered by other brands in the professional market. Priced at $159.99 this is one of lowest priced cameras in this field.

Polaroid XS100

Polaroid XS100


The Polaroid XS100 has a tueb like design, 16 Megapixel lens that can record Full HD Videos at the following frame rates,

1080p: 1920x1080p / 30FPS ,

960p: 1280X960P / 30FPS ,

720p:1280×720 / 60FPS (Slow Motion) ,

720p: 1280×720 / 30FPS.

Yes, you can shoot slow motion shots with it.

The lens has 170˚ wide field of view which is great for amazing clips. The photo modes include Single, Burst-Shot and Time-lapse mode.

Just like the iOn, the battery is built-in which lasts for 2.5 hours which is good to last for a long time on a single go, but the downside is that once you run out, you have to charge it and cannot replace with any other battery pack.

The SD Card that works best is Class 10 32 GB; it has G-Sensor
(Auto-rotation), Vibration and Anti-Shake features.

Polaroid XS100 Accessories

The accessories included in the package are HDMI Cable, USB Cable, Mount-Lock, Mount-Lock Key, Secure string, Carrying pouch, Helmet Mount, and Handlebar Mounts.

Note: The Wi-Fi Model is $50 overpriced, the current review is of the simple model which you can check below.


The Polaroid is a decent POV action camera that ranks very highly among the users; it is the only action camera after GoPro in this budget category of Best Action Cameras under $150 that received more than 600 reviews. If you have to compare between iON Air Pro vs. the Polaroid XS100 the Polaroid wins hands down and is the reason why it is ranked #2 in this rating review.