Oreck XL Air Purifier

Oreck XL Air Purifier


The Oreck XL Air Purifier is one of Oreck’s most popular devices. It is well below their vacuum empire, but regarding longevity, it has taken the care with years of user respect. However, just because it is popular doesn’t mean it was right from start to finish. As my Oreck air purifier consumer report shows, they had some tough times when many air purifier companies had to live up to their claims. Oreck came under a lot of scrutinies and didn’t quite hit the mark with their older products, but now they pushing forward with new designs and technologies.

Oreck XL Air Purifier

Oreck XL Air Purifier

The convenience of an easy to use and maneuver tabletop air purifier is great. The best thing I think they did was allow you to turn off the ozone generating device that led them to a world of shame many years ago. Now you still have the option for short periods of time, which is perfectly fine while still having the usefulness of inexpensive air filters.


Below, I will show you features from the Oreck xl air purifier review. I will hit upon the major points and issues and give you proper feedback on how they will affect you.

-Oreck Prefilter

-Fragrance Cartridge

-Active Charging Wires

Electronic Collector Blade

-Carbon Air Filter

-Air Revitalizer

Oreck Prefilter

The pre-filter for the Oreck xl professional air purifier is quite skinny and doesn’t provide much protection from a lot of large particles that may bounce over the collector blades that it has to pass through. I feel that the prefilter should be able to stop a lot of things from large to at lease medium. I think the best prefilter they could use would be a HEPA air filter, but I know they want to have the maintenance costs as low as possible.

Oreck XL Air Purifier

Oreck XL Air Purifier

Fragrance Cartridge

Having a scent go through your air purifier is like a slap in the face if you ask me. Your air purifier is not an air freshener that masks smells. It is supposed to get rid of small particles, and if it has activated charcoal filters, then it will get rid of smells and odors as well. You are stating that your carbon filter is not large enough to stop all the smells, or you should use this instead of the optional carbon air filter. I think it makes them look bad more than anything.

Active Charging Wires

The Oreck xl air purifier review shows that these wires do cause ozone, but the vast majority of it is caught in the collector blades. They do, however, have a switch on the front of the Oreck xl air purifier that allows you to turn off the air revitalizer that lets those charged particles go right into the room to connect with other particles that it may not be sucking in. For the most part, they do their job well without causing too much harm unless you like to run this air purifier 24/7. My Oreck xl air purifier review shows that this is not a good idea.

Electronic Collector Blade

The collector blades show to be great devices when it comes to convenience with the Oreck xl air purifier review. However, with easiness comes problems. I have labeled these problems far and wide with the website when I mention ionic air purifiers so I will not bring it up here. Just be prepared to clean it a lot and ignore the noise it may generate that is not from the fan.

Carbon Air Filter

I believe the carbon air filter that is commonly found in charcoal air purifiers is one of the best things like about this air purifier. It provides a non-toxic way to get rid of smells and odors in your home. I do wish that the carbon filter they have available was a bit bigger, but it seems it will last long enough. You can also buy carbon filter pellets and replace them with the standard carbon air filter.

Air Revitalizer

This feature is supposed to stop the charged particles from going back out of the air purifier and letting ozone into your house in mass amounts. They allow you to turn this off in case you want this to happen, which is nice if you have an appalling problem that you need to get rid of quickly and won’t be in the house to breathe in the high levels of ozone. I am not sure how well this feature works, but they base their new design on it, and people seem to somewhat pleased with the outcome.

Oreck XL Air Purifier

Oreck XL Air Purifier


1 – Now includes UV light

2 – Convenient stores for repairs

3 – Washable




1 – Overpriced for the square footage

2 – Does not include HEPA (best for dust and pollen)

3 – Small Carbon filters are very expensive

4 – The Warranty is pro-rated (only 3 years)

5 – Will only treat a small 8 x10 room




Without HEPA it is not going to do a great job on allergies. Given that it will only cover a little over 200 square feet (on high speed) it is considered a small room air purifier.


If you have allergies, I will look at the comparison chart on this site for a better choice. However, if you are smoker buying a used Oreck XL on Ebay might be an affordable option. Hepa filters get filled with smoke so fast a washable ionic air purifier is a more affordable way to go.