Honeywell 17000

Honeywell 17000


Honeywell air purifier 17000 has shown itself to be very popular on the consumer scene. Many people have flocked to this air purifier once they learned about True HEPA air filters and how well they work. The other reason is simply the price compared to other air purifiers that have the same type of air filter. If you look around in some places, you will notice them saying this HEPA filter is permanent and cleanable, but it is not exactly correct. You may be able to vacuum this and release some of the dirt, but unless you have HEPA vacuum, I doubt you will get it immaculate since it is meant to trap the dirt and not be cleaned.

Honeywell 17000

Honeywell 17000

The Honeywell 17000 is one of your safe bets if you are short on money, but need some decent air filtration for your home. The price with the great air filter is a win-win for many people, and when they see the deal, they jump on it. Besides most people only have small allergic symptoms to pollen and dust anyway and don’t need the super powerful machines. If they have them, it would be like night and day. They wouldn’t even want to leave their home!



In this section, I will go over the features of the Honeywell air cleaner. You will be able to see why this air purifier is an excellent choice for typical allergy sufferers. These are people that have allergies, but the are relatively weak; however, they are still bothersome and need to be dealt with. It will also give you some tips on what you might want to purchase if you want to spend just a little bit more money.



SurroundSeal Technology helps minimize air leaks and ensure the air passes through the filter to capture particles for efficient air purification.

Honeywell 17000

Honeywell 17000


The Honeywell 17000 air purifier features an Intelli-Check Electronic Filter Indicator to remind you when to clean the HEPA filter and when to replace the carbon pre-filter.


The structure of this air purifier is a bit different from the rest of the usual air purifiers models you see. The general way of making an air purifier is by using a flat surface up front and sucking air through it. Others have used circular air filters that pull in from all sides for efficiency. Even others pull from the floor. Oddly enough this one pulls from the front and blows out the back, but it is still circular. I am not sure how this affects efficiency, but I believe it is one reason it is not up there with the likes of the Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier.

Low Noise Emission and Adjustable Fan Speed



The Honeywell 17000 has three fan speeds for you to choose from, low, medium or high. At low and medium settings, the air cleaner is soundless and doesn’t get in the way of your other activities such as working, reading, watching TV, or sleeping. When set to high, it is still pretty tolerable although those who are sensitive to noise might want to use this setting when they’re out.

You also get air filter regulators that tell you when you need to change your air filter, which is a handy thing. You can try to clean it and see if it helps, but it won’t last for long and will degrade the efficiency of the air filter if this is continued too long. I prefer just to buy a new air filter when it is time to buy a new one.



The prefilter is the very popular 38002 series that is made to wrap around the circular air filters like the Honeywell 20500, Honeywell HEPA filter 21500 and the Honeywell HEPA filter 24000. If you have used these prefilters before you will know that they are also pre-cut so you can take it down to a smaller size to fit other models. That is their way of needing so many different products for all their air purifier models. I think it is a very smart thing. You can also try to clean this off a few times before you replace it and it will make a difference somewhat.

Honeywell 17000

Honeywell 17000

Air Purifier HEPA Filter

The True HEPA air filter used in the Honeywell 17000 is magnificent for the price of the air purifier. You can look around and see that only a few air cleaners have this type of air filter for this money. After you get past all this, you have to think about other things like the prefilter and construction, other technologies and usage. All of these come into play as well in the situation and will determine how well the air filter will work for you.


-Honeywell is the #1 recommended air purifier brand by Allergists.

-Captures up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns and larger, from the air that passes through the filters.

-Electronic push button controls.

-Three cleaning levels.

-SurroundSeal Technology helps minimize air leaks.

-For Replacement filter, 2 HRF-D1 filters are needed.

-For Replacement pre-filter, HRF-AP1 or 38002 prefilter can be used.



These “True” HEPA air filters stop 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. This is microscopic and the naked eye is unable to see these super fine particles in your air, but they are there. Most dust and pollen particles are between 0.5 and 4 microns, so that gives you a reference point. If you want clean air when you get home, it is good to leave this running while you are at work and let it clean the air thoroughly, but you will need more and better versions for bigger spaces. This Honeywell is only capable of about 150 square feet, which is around the size of a decent bedroom.