Alpine Living Air Purifier

Alpine Living Air Purifier

You might be wondering why all these different names are put together all the time (alpine, living air, eco quest). The reason is they are owned by the same company now and currently you won’t find many “new” air purifiers available. Everything is old and doesn’t work like many people hope it will because it is more of a commercial air purifier than a home air purifier. I will explain that a bit later.


Alpine Living Air Purifier


Alpine Living Air Purifier
If you have an alpine living air purifier you probably already know that there are certain unique things about the air purifier itself. The way it works, the way it sounds, but you may not know how well it cleans because you think the “fresh air smell” is a good thing. This air is ozone, and it comes with its problems when it is around humans in concentrated formats. The fact that the government had to stop this company multiple times through different names because of their false advertisements is the reason they are all owned by the same owner just to have the rights to sell old air purifiers.




In this section, I will talk about the technologies used in the alpine living air purifier. You will see that there are not a lot of things going on in this air purifier, but many things work within it. They just don’t work the way many people think they do. I will go through how this happens through the following subsections.


1. Construction


2. Controls


3. Air Ionizer Ozone Purifier


4. Ultraviolet Light Lamp


5. Alpine Ozone Plates




The structure of the alpine living air purifier resembles that of a wood box in some designs and others a sleek black exterior, but that is not part of the functionality of the air purifier for most people. Everybody wants their air purifier to disappear in the room and not be an eyesore, so it is imperative that it isn’t a hinderance instead of a helping aid. You will usually find the alpine ozone air purifier in the wood grain format, which is perfect for homes that have wood floors.


Alpine Living Air Purifier


Alpine Living Air Purifier
The inside of the alpine living air purifier is a box starting with the fan and then going through the ionization blades. It then goes through the ultraviolet light that kills viruses and bacteria when it passes by. It has to remain in the air for a certain amount of time, though. The process is not bad, but many problems come with using this method and the technology itself. You will find that you are missing out on a lot of actual “air filtration.”



The controls on the alpine living air purifier can either be analog or digital. I prefer the digital because you can be exact, but if you go analog, you can hit those in between levels that may give you just the right amount of air and ionic generation. You get multiple fan speeds to meet your needs of “blowing” because that is all it does. It doesn’t suck up many particles because of the way it works and on top of that the fan is not covered by a prefilter and other filters to keep it from getting filled with dirt. When this accumulates it will make the fan motor die, which happens a lot with these air purifiers.

Air Ionizer Ozone Purifier


The ionic technology used in the alpine living air purifier is much stronger than many people think. The government has mandated that air purifiers must be under government regulated levels, but this air purifier is just described as an “ozone generator” now as it should have been in the first place. It is made to spit out ozone, which can harm humans when it is highly concentrated like in a room. You will get respiratory problems that will get worse and worse. It will be even worse if you already have respiratory problems.


Alpine Living Air Purifier


Alpine Living Air Purifier
The ozone itself take three days to dissipate, and many people don’t know that. Ozone used in the alpine living air purifier is just spitting out to connect to particles and then weigh them down to the ground. They are never “filtered” out of the air like you are led to believe. Once you walk on the floor or sit on your couch or bed the dust, pollen and pet dander will just fly right back up in the air. What it does do good is make odors and smells go away by bringing them down to the ground where they stay. Fire remediation experts and chemical companies use this to get rid of fire and chemical odors that are in the air. There are better ways to do this, but it is one of the best methods to use.

Ultraviolet Light Lamp


You will find an ultraviolet lamp that will make the alpine living air purifier a home UV air purifier. I believe this is an important feature for the air purifier because it doesn’t have much else to help it out. UV kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but only when it is within the lights range for a long enough time. This time is a little longer than what the air usually allows through most fast Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) air purifiers.

Alpine Ozone Plates


The alpine ozone plates are a controversial topic because they supposedly turn ozone into oxygen. Not only they do it they are supposed to do it enough to make this ozone generator meet government guidelines. I am not sure at all if this is genuine and I actually can’t believe that is possible when the alpine living air purifier is running on high. In the end, it is up to you to decide if this is safe for you, but I would not use it around my family.